Minutes of March 2020 (extra) meeting

Minutes of meeting of the Board of Directors of the Autscape Organisation
Minutes of meeting of the Board of Directors of the Autscape Organisation
Meeting date: 14th March 2020
Meeting time: 17:00 GMT
Meeting Chair: Martijn
Present: Elaine, Fergus, James, Heta, Jenny, Kalen, Martijn
Apologies: Jeremy
One observer

1. Waive notice
The Chair proposed the directors waive their right to notice of the meeting.
The motion was carried, 6 for.

2. Reports from organising teams

2.1. Autscape Ireland
Kalen reported:
“Schools in Ireland have been closed because of COVID-19. The situation is getting worse everywhere and travel may well become impossible before 14th April. The schools are closed until 29th March, but that will almost certainly be extended for a further week to take them up to Easter holidays.”
“The team want to cancel and reschedule when the situation is clearer. Postponement is too uncertain. No one sees a possibility of continuing for 14th April.”
The estimated financial losses were small, consisting of non-refundable travel costs, processing fees for returned fees, and possibly the deposit for childcare services.

2.2. Autscape UK
James reported:
“The situation with Autscape UK is not what I intended, but we are still on track compared to previous years. Communication has been difficult, but the bursary, registration and CfP are all (nearly) ready to go.”
“The plan is that the bursaries will open one week *before* registration, to make reg more smooth. Of course, this is all dependent on what we decide in this meeting.”
“Not easy, but there is quite a few new things this year, not least Ireland, which have contributed to the difficulties. I'm just writing it off as teething problems.”
Elaine pointed out that there was no plan to close schools in England, so Giggleswick was staying open for the time being.
It was concluded that there were risks associated with proceeding, and that the situation was unpredictable.

3. Contingency plans and emergency decisions

3.1. Autscape Ireland
3.1.1. Full refunds
Kalen proposed full refunds, including deposit, to everyone who had registered, including those who had not yet cancelled.
The motion was carried, 6 for.
3.1.2. Cancel or postpone Autscape Ireland?
The implications of cancelling versus postponing Autscape Ireland were discussed.
Kalen proposed cancelling Autscape Ireland with a view to organising an event in Ireland when the situation is clearer.
The motion was carried, 7 for.
Note: This decision does not rescind the previous decision of the board to register as a charity in Ireland.

3.2. Autscape UK
3.2.1. What to do about Autscape UK and registration?
Kalen suggested delaying the possible cancellation by two weeks, since there was a cancellation window with Giggleswick ending on 27th April, and there was no financial advantage to cancelling before then.
Heta suggested that registration should start as soon as possible, with warnings about possible cancellation, to find out about the number of people willing to register.
The implications of different registration and payment schedules and associated financial risks were discussed.
Kalen suggested the Board’s meeting in April to be arranged a week early to allow time to make decisions and communicate with Giggleswick School before 27th April.
The Vice-Chair proposed that the Call for Proposals for Autscape UK opens as soon as possible.
The motion was carried, 7 for.
The Vice-Chair proposed that Registration for Autscape UK (without payments) opens as soon as possible.
The motion was not carried, 2 for, 5 against.
The Vice-Chair proposed that Registration for Autscape UK (without payments) opens after the next Board meeting (on 28th March), pending the Board's confirmation.
The motion was carried, 7 for.

4. Any other business
The Chair proposed to move the 25th April meeting to 18th April (same time).
Motion carried, 7 for.
Kalen suggested that writing an announcement about the decisions should be delegated to someone.
Heta and Jenny volunteered to draft an announcement, and to post it to the list for editing by others.
Jenny informed the Board that she had sent a donation of £58.59 from the Karaoke fundraising event, and that she was paying the fee of a fundraising course herself.

The meeting was closed at 19:19.