Agenda for March 2020 meeting

Agenda for 28th March 2020 board meeting


Meeting to be held at 2 pm on Saturday 28 March 2020

at #autscape


1. Approvals

1.1. Minutes of the February 2020 meeting posted to the list on 28 March

1.2. Minutes of the 14 March meeting posted to the list on 27 March


2. Ratifications

2.1. Registering a TransferWise account for Autscape as a way to send and
receive money across borders


3. Proposals

3.1. The Honorary Secretary proposes that the Board appoint a committee to
prepare a proposal for an online version of Autscape

The proposal should cover the alternative scenarios of an exclusively online
event and a combining a small in-person event at Giggleswick with an online


3.2. The Honorary Secretary proposes that the Board formulate a policy on
requesting voluntary donations from members

A member of Autscape has suggested, in a message posted to the list on 17
March, that members could be asked to make voluntary donations to help cover
the expenses of Autscape 2021.


3.3. The Honorary Secretary proposes that the Board prepare and submit an
application for Autscape Organisation to become a member of the European
Council of Autistic People



4. Follow-ups

4.1. Call for Proposals

4.2. Registration system


5. Role reports

5.1. Chair (Martijn)

5.2. Company Secretary (Elaine)

5.3. Honorary Secretary (Heta)

5.4. Treasurer (Jeremy)

5.5. Event Manager Autscape UK 2020 (James)

5.6. Membership Secretary (Jeremy)

5.7. Fundraising coordinator (Jenny)

5.8. Tech coordinator (Martijn)

5.9. Lists coordinator (Kalen)

5.10. Venue search coordinator (Elaine)

5.11. Event Manager Autscape Ireland 2020


6. Any Other Business


 Closed part of the meeting


7. Nominations

7.1. Company Secretary

The Honorary Secretary proposes that the Board request Elaine to continue in
her role as Company Secretary.


Elaine has resigned from her position on the Board. Her notice ends on 1


8. Any Other Business