Agenda for August 2018 meeting

Agenda for August 2018 board meeting

Meeting to be held at 2pm GMT on Tuesday 21 August 2018
at #autscape


1. Approvals

1.1. Minutes of the July 2018 meeting posted to the list on 20th
     August 2018

2. Ratifications

2.1. The decision taken on list (2nd August) to continue with the service
     for Autscape’s ‘virtual server’ (website and database), from Jump
     Networks Ltd for £265.68 (9 For)

3. Proposals

3.1. The Company Secretary proposes that the board accept amendments to the
     directors role description. (See Appendix A)

3.2. Elaine proposes that we change the Opt out badges used at Autscape
     events for photos, hugs and taking part in research/media, to Opt in badges.
     (See rationale at Appendix B)

3.3. The Company Secretary proposes that the board make some contingency
     plans in the event that we do not have a board member with the
     experience to be the Treasurer next year.

3.4. Elaine proposes that we draw up a shortlist in order of preference for
     Autscape 2019's venue. (See Appendix C)

4. Follow-Ups

4.1. Bursary update

4.2. Twitter

5. Role Reports

5.1. Chair (Martijn)
5.2. Company Secretary (Elaine)
5.3. Honorary Secretary (Elaine)
5.4. Treasurer (Jeremy)
5.5. Event Manager Autscape 2018 (Kalen)
5.6. Membership Secretary (Jeremy)
5.7. Fundraising coordinator (Jeremy)
5.8. Tech coordinator (Martijn)
5.9. Lists coordinator (James)
5.10. Venue search coordinators (Peter and Debbie)

Note: Role reports in advance will help keep the meeting short.

6. Any Other Business

Appendix A
3.1: Proposed amendments to the directors role description

Second paragraph

    As a charitable company the board of directors have overall
    responsibility for the direction Autscape takes and ensures it is
    compliant with company and charity law. This is the governance side of
    the work but the board is also responsible for organising the Autscape
    conference, running the chat list and any other event they may decide to

Change the last sentence to

    This is the governance side of the work but the board are also
    responsible for various committees and mailing lists and work closely
    with the Autscape conference organising committee and any other event
    organising committees.

Third paragraph

    The Autscape committee does not just make decisions about Autscape,
    board members are also the volunteers who actually carry out virtually
    all the necessary work involved. So, being on the board means making a
    significant commitment of time to putting in some work throughout the
    year, although for some positions the demand can vary.

Change The Autscape committee to The Autscape board 

Under during the Autscape conference


    Note: you are not obliged to be part of the on-site team or help in any
    way unless you volunteer to do so. However, as a board member you may be
    called upon for information or advice by other board members if you have
    specific knowledge or responsibility for something and a situation
    arises whereby the board would benefit from that information, advice or


    Note: being on the Autscape board does not necessarily mean you will be
    part of the organising committee so you will not be expected to have any
    duties in this regard. Organising committee members are not only
    volunteers, they are chosen for their skills. However, we are a small
    group so as a board member at Autscape you may be called upon for
    information or advice if you have specific knowledge or responsibility
    for something and a situation arises whereby somebody would benefit from
    that information, advice or knowledge.

Appendix B
Rationale for 3.2

Currently people wear these badges to Opt out if they don’t want to be
photographed, asked for a hug or take part in research/media.

I’m proposing that they wear them only if they are happy to be photographed,
happy to be asked for a hug and happy to take part in any research or media
that we may have allowed to take place.


1. We have a lot more experience of how successful the badges are. Last year
   when they were Opt out for the first time it didn’t work very well. A lot
   of people just didn’t bother wearing the badges so it was unclear whether
   they were opting in or out.

2. The badges have always been small and people wear them in many different
   positions. Sometimes they don’t have a lot of room to attach them to
   their interaction badges and if they do they can get in the way of the
   writing on the interaction badges which is there for a purpose.

3. We have now come up with a better way of making the badges. These will
   now be pin badges (hence why I asked for the budge for a badge making
   machine). People can pin these to their lanyards or directly on their
   clothes. They will be approx 2 inches big and clearly seen.

4. If we make them opt in then only people who want to do these things will
   have extra badges to wear. This will also mean I will have to produce a
   lot less than if they were opt out.

5. The board have debated many times the merits and the issues of either opt
   in or opt out in the past. This has been mainly about the use of the hug
   badge by people being unsure of how to respond if you didn’t want a hug.
   However, if we make it explicitly clear that in wearing

   * The photo badge - you are allowing people to ask if they can take your

   * The Hug badge - you are allowing people to ask you for a hug.

   * The researcher/media badge - you are allowing any researchers,
     journalists, film makers etc to ask you to take part in what they are

   * You do not have to accept. If you have trouble saying ‘No’ then do not
     wear one.

With the hug badge you can also take it off or put it on just when you want.
Eg. If you want hugs in the evening but not during the day.

Appendix C
Venue shortlist (3.4)

Venue Summary

A/ Giggleswick:

In 2015 we got four houses.
In 2016 we only had three. Too many people found this was too noisy. 

If we choose Giggleswick we ideally need them to commit to -
1/ A house with ground floor bedrooms (Style even though its at the
bottom of the hill)
2/ At least four houses
3/ Ideally Carr house (as it has some bathroom facilities not in cubicles)
on the top floor.

B/ If we choose Kings Park we ideally need them to commit to -

1/ Serving Staff
2/ The person we liaise with in the run up to the event is going to
be there during the event.
Last year that person left for a holiday as Autscape started.

Other possibilities:

C/ High Leigh

High Leigh is a sister site of Belsey Bridge. We didn't consider
it for this year as it was not fully accessible. Earlier this year
it made the large presentation room accessible. It sleeps up to 220 with
minimum number for exclusive access 168 which we'd make. 

It is more expensive than Kings Park for those who want an ensuite and less
expensive for those who don't.  It is north of London.

It has more conference rooms than Kings Park does.

Accessiblity improvements since board venue visit:

This site has been visited by Autscape but it was felt the non accessibility
of the larger lecture room let it down. This is no longer an issue.

D/ The Hayes - Derbyshire.

We would need to share this venue.  It is Belsey Bridge's second sibling.

No one has visited this site.

E/ Shrewsbury School

This has been visited by Autscape. Some of the wheelchair routes were
less than idea. It isn't too disimilar to Tonbridge and one house
has ensuite bedrooms.

When looking at the front page wait for the aerial picture to appear. It gives an idea of the school campus layout. 

F/ Newland Park

Its a very large site with around 900 capacity so we would be sharing.

The webpage gives lots of details.