Minutes of February 2018 meeting

Minutes of meeting of the Board of directors of The Autscape Organisation

Meeting date: Tuesday 27 February 2018

Meeting time: 14:00 GMT

Meeting Chair: Martijn

Present: Elaine, Heta, James, Jenny, Jeremy, Martijn, Peter, Trish

Observers: 1

Meeting opened: 14:07

1. Approvals

1.1. Final Minutes of the January 2017 meeting posted to the list on 25th
     February 2018

     Deferred pending amendments.

2. Ratifications

No ratifications.

3. Proposals

3.1. The Company Secretary proposed that the board approve the revised
     Complaints policy posted to the list on 26th February 2018. See
     Appendix A.

     There was a discussion around Appendix 1 relating to the recording of
     complaints and disclosing the outcome and the relevance of Appendix 2.
     It was decided that these areas should be looked at again on the list
     before the Policy is approved.

     Action: defer to list for amendments.

3.2. The Company Secretary proposed that the board accept the delegations
     for running the Autscape 2018 Conference as shown in Appendix B.

     There was a discussion around the Programme section regarding the
     delegation for choosing the presenters. It was clarified that the
     section ‘Presenters accepted/declined’ referred only to informing
     proposers and not in selecting the proposals. The decision regarding
     whether choosing proposals is delegated was deferred.

     The proposal was changed to

     The chair proposes to accept all delegations except for those under
     programme; only the CfP delegation will be delegated from that section.
     (7 For)

     A meeting was arranged for Tuesday 13 March at 14:00 to discuss this
     and approve the remaining Programme delegations.

3.3. The Event Manager proposes that the board approve the text of the
     advertisement for Autscape 2018 to be published in Asperger United as
     shown in Appendix C.

     As this needed urgent approval to meet the publishing deadline the
     proposal was changed to

     The Chair proposes that the board delegate the task of creating and
     publishing the Asperger United advert for Autscape to the organising
     team. (8 For)

4. Follow ups

4.1. Discussion with Autistic UK

     Heta reported that she had messaged Autistic UK board members to
     request a discussion with them. She believes that the response will be
     positive and she is waiting for final confirmation.

5. Role reports

5.1. Chair (Martijn)
     Martijn said he had received a response from Autspace about the
     similarity of their new name to Autscape, which had been forwarded to
     the board. They had politely declined to change their name to be less
     similar to ours.

5.2. Company Secretary (Elaine)
     Elaine said that the first draft of the annual report will be sent
     after the meeting. She also intended to amen the complaints policy so
     we can move on to other things.

5.3. Honorary Secretary (Elaine)
     Nothing to report.

5.4. Treasurer (Jeremy)
     Nothing to report.

5.5. Event Manager Autscape 2018 (Kalen)
     Nothing to report.

5.6. Membership Secretary (Jeremy)
     Nothing to report.

5.7. Fundraising coordinator (Jeremy)
     Jeremy reported that Autscape had received two payments, one late in
     the month of January and one in the month of February, both for roughly
     £10. This appears to be an average of earnings from Give as you Live at
     the moment, as there is more money pending. There are no other avenues
     being pursued for fundraising at the moment

5.8. Tech coordinator (Martijn)
     Martijn said that the transition to the new operating system for the
     server involves redesigning several fundamental components, and had
     stalled completely for a few months. However, following a very
     productive in-person meeting with Peter a few days ago they have agreed
     on a way forward. The idea is that transitioning to the new system is
     now no longer going to be dependent on decommissioning the old system,
     so that we don't get blocked/demotivated on things getting too big and
     complicated. This does mean the old system will need to be maintained
     for longer, which he will personally cover and Peter will be in charge
     of the transition to the new system. The Call for Proposals and the
     conference registration will run on the old system until further

     Elaine asked if people will have any idea that we are using the new
     system - will it make any difference that we can see. Martijn replied
     that we shouldn't notice a difference, it's under-the-hood changes (but
     they're essential so we can keep developing and securing the system
     into the future).

5.9. Lists coordinator (James)
     James said that following the appointment of David Benito and the
     return of Kelvin Hanratty, we now have a team of 3 moderators. He was
     hoping he could now step back and let the moderators make most
     decisions. David is still learning the role, but is enthusiastic to do
     so. We are continuing to learn how to implement the list guidelines in

5.10. Venue search coordinators (Peter and Debbie)
      Nothing to report.

6. Any Other Business

6.1. James said that he was concerned that because we're not fully involved
     in planning the event we collectively aren't putting enough time into
     the list and things are already backing up. Martijn and Elaine both
     said this was partly due to them not having the time to inject new
     things recently. Martijn suggested we double our efforts to keep on top
     of things on the list and reminded the board that we have some
     important decisions to make soon.

Meeting closed at 16:16