Agenda for May 2017 meeting

Agenda for May 2017 board meeting

Meeting to be held at 8pm BST on Saturday 27 May 2017
at #autscape


1. Approvals

1.1. Minutes of the April 2017 meeting posted to the list on 22nd May 2017.

2. Ratifications

No ratifications.

3. Proposals

3.1 Places. The registrar proposes:

    i/ To allow the registrar and organisers determine the optimum number of
       day and residential places to be made available that will, in their
       judgement, provide the optimum balance of places and needs, e.g. the
       need for single rooms or to reduce crowding in communal spaces. The
       minimum number of places must be at least the number used to
       calculate the fees.

   ii/ To allow the registrar to determine short day, taster and single
       lecture fees as required to facilitate access, so long as the fee is
       sufficient to meet any cost to Autscape of those participants’
       attendance and does not proportionally undercut the non residential

  iii/ To allow the registrar to determine any partial residential fee
       provided the fee does not proportionally undercut the full
       residential fee. and meets any cost to Autscape of those
       participants’ attendance. This is for years when we don’t have
       partial residential fees and it is to cover exceptional circumstances

3.2 The Fundraising Co-ordinator proposes to set at 10% of total funds
    raised the Trading Payment from Everyclick Ltd.

3.3 The Company Secretary proposes the following change to Autscapes List
    Policy paragraph 2.


Autscape cannot guarantee that messages sent to the mailing lists will not be redistributed. However, we expect list subscribers to be respectful of other list users and treat all posts as confidential and not repeat or reproduce either part or the whole of a message in another place unless the sender explicitly states they can.

We will only allow one request to the whole list and not directed to a specific person, asking for permission to reproduce or redistribute a post. The poster is then under no obligation to respond either on or off list.

If it is brought to the board's attention that people are being asked by private email or a post has been reproduced elsewhere without the originators permission, then the board will take action and may sanction a subscriber which could result in them being removed from the list.

3.4 The Treasurer proposes that the board should close the 2016 fund and
    return any unused funds to general reserves.

3.5 The Treasurer proposes that the board should designate two and a half
    thousand pounds to the Autscape 2018 fund and that any income and
    expenditure relating to the 2018 event use that fund.

3.6 The Treasurer proposes that the board accept the
    financial statements
    which will be included in the annual report.

3.7 The Company Secretary proposes that we spend some of our reserves on
    governance training, some on additional entertainment for the Autscape
    conference and set some aside to start a bursary fund to enable more
    people with a low income to attend Autscape.

3.8 The Registrar proposes that the board accepts
    this amended Cancellation policy.

4. Follow Ups

5. Role Updates

5.1 Company Treasurer
5.2.1 Event Manager
5.2.2 Programme Co-ordinator
5.2.3 Registrar
5.3 Chair
5.4 Company Secretary
5.5 Fundraising Co-ordinator
5.6 Honorary Secretary
5.7 List Co-ordinator
5.8 Membership Secretary
5.9 Tech Co-ordinator
5.10 Venue Search Co-ordinator

6. Any Other Business