Minutes of April 2017 meeting

Minutes of meeting of the Board of directors of The Autscape Organisation

Meeting date: Saturday 29th April 2017

Meeting time: 20.00

Meeting Chair: Trish

Present: Debbie, Elaine, James, Jeremy, Joseph, Kalen, Larry, Martijn, Trish

Apologies: None

Observers: 1

Meeting opened: 20.02, meeting closed 21.49

1. Approvals

1.1   Minutes of the March 2017 meeting posted to the list on 15th March 2017. 
     (8 for, 0 against)

2. Ratifications

2.1. The decision made on the list on the 27th March to drop the discounts for no paper and 
     reuse of conference badges this year. (6 for)
     Ratified (9 for, 0 against)

2.2. The decision made on the list on the 6th April to implement the revised Lists 
     Policy. (5 for, 1 against, 1 abstention)
     Ratified (9 for, 0 against)

2.3. The decision made on the list on the 13th April to reduce the number of current 
     Bookkeepers from 3 to 2. (7 for)
     Ratified (9 for, 0 against)

3. Role Reports

3.1. Company Treasurer (Debbie)

     The Company Treasurer reported that the sum of income from bookings minus money owed to the 
     venue currently sits at around five and a half thousand pounds, meaning that the organisation 
     is on track to break even, taking into account other costs such as insurance and internet 
     service provision.  The lack of an online system makes it more difficult to say how much money 
     there is at any one point.

3.2.1. Event Manager (Kalen)

       The Event Manager reported that progress has been made for arranging childcare, and that the 
       production of participant information is currently under discussion. 

       A venue visit was conducted earlier in the month, which gave the impression that the venue was 
       entirely appropriate, with different dining arrangements which will favour previously 
       disadvantaged people.

3.2.2. Registrar (Debbie)

       The Registrar reported that there have so far been 127 residential bookings, with an additional 
       4 one-day bookings, 1 two-day booking and 13 non-residential bookings.  There are currently 8 
       spaces reserved for presenters.  144 people are booked to attend on the Thursday.

3.2.3. Programme Co-ordinator (Martijn)

       The Programme Co-ordinator reported that 25 proposals had so far been received, and that 20 
       were under discussion by the programme sub-committee.  The programme sub-committee is very 
       active, and a new system is being tried whereby a subcommittee member who has submitted a 
       proposal “steps out of the room” whilst their proposal is under discussion.  

3.3. Chair (Trish)

     The Chair reported getting to grips with the new role.

3.4. Company Secretary (Elaine)

     The Company Secretary reported that there are several matters upcoming for approval, with the 
     draft Annual Report, and an amendment to the Lists Policy first to be approved.  Role 
     descriptions, and the Confidentiality Policy and Participants Confidentiality Policy will then be 
     brought back to the attention of the directors.  Further to these matters, there are several 
     other policies to address, regarding anti-bribery, tech, and data protection.

     As there are currently 9 directors, and in August only 1 director will have served a full 
     3-year term, there may be a higher number of new candidates than unoccupied positions, so 
     current board members should consider whether or not they wish to stand down, or to move from 
     the board of directors to the organising committee, at the end of this term.

3.5. Fundraising Co-ordinator (Jeremy)

     The Fundraising Co-ordinator reported that one of the fundraising services with which Autscape 
     is registered, Everyclick, requires a Compliance Agreement to be completed.  As part of the 
     agreement, the Fundraising Co-ordinator will propose to the board that a percentage of monies 
     raised be allocated to the trading company as a Trading Payment.

3.6. Honorary Secretary (Jeremy)

     The Honorary Secretary reported that the target set for finalising the monthly meeting agenda 
     in advance of the meeting has not been met for two consecutive months.  However, scheduling of 
     meetings, and the writing and presenting of accurate minutes, is working to routine.

3.7. List Co-ordinator (James)

     The List Co-ordinator reported that the opening of the Community List went well, and that 
     questions about the Lists Policy were answered to everyone’s satisfaction.  There are currently 
     55 members of the Community List.  There is a need to have an additional board member who can 
     access the admin interface for the list.

3.8. Membership Secretary (Jeremy)

     Nothing to report.

3.9. Tech Co-ordinator (Martijn)

     Nothing to report.

3.10. Venue Search Co-ordinator (Joseph)

      Nothing to report

4. AOB

4.1. James raised the issue of Voting Reform.  Due to the possibility that in August 
     there will be a higher number of candidates than unoccupied places on the board of directors, 
     it was suggested that a tighter voting system is needed, which shall be brought to the board 
     list for discussion.

     -At this point, Elaine left the meeting


3.2 The Registrar asked whether or not the board wishes to fill all places to maximum numbers.

-The chair asked that this decision be taken to the board list for discussion.

3.2 The Programme Co-ordinator noted that there was not a section on the agenda for a Programme 
Co-ordinator report. 

-The chair asked that the arrangement of reporting for the Organisation Committee be followed up on 
the board list.

3.2 The Programme Co-ordinator made an objection because it seemed that the role had been demoted 
within the hierarchy of the Organisation Committee.  This was because all role reporting for the 
Organisation Committee shall now come from the Event Manager.

-This objection was noted by the chair to be taken to the board list for clarification. 

5. Closed portion of meeting- NOT FOR PUBLICATION