Minutes of July 2016 meeting

Minutes of meeting of the Board of directors of The Autscape Organisation

Meeting date: Sunday 24th July 2016

Meeting time: 15.00

Meeting Chair: Kalen

Present: Debbie, Elaine, Jeremy, Joseph, Kalen, Trish

Apologies: None

Observers: None

Meeting opened: 15.07pm

1. Approvals

Approval of June minutes (posted to the list on 2nd July)

2. Ratifications

2.1.The decision taken on list on 20th July to approve the Annual 
     report and financial statements for 2014-2015 and the revised financial 
     statements for 2013-2014. (6 For)
     Ratified (6 for)

2.2. The decision taken on list to alter the dates of Autscape 2017 
     from Monday August 7th-Thursday August 10th to Tuesday August 8th to Friday 
     August 11th. (6 For)
     Ratified (6 For)

2.3. The decision taken on list on 13th July to renew Autscapes 
     annual insurance with CaSE at a cost of £541.99. (3 For)
     Ratified (6 For)

3. Proposals

3.1. The programme coordinator requests a budget of £2000 to cover 
     the programme for Autscape 2016. (Later reduced to £1600)

3.2. The Programme coordinator requests a budget of £1800 to cover Childcare 
     for Autscape 2016.

3.3. The Registrar requests a budget of £7 per person to cover registration 
     materials for Autscape 2016. Approx £750-£1000 total.

3.4. The venue co-ordinator requests a budget of £40 to buy a professional 
     roll up standing sign 

3.5. The venue co-ordinator requests a budget of £30 to buy A Laysak for the 
     sensory room

3.6. The venue coordinator requests a budget of £350 for transport to and 
     from Giggleswick and Settle station.

	-There was a short discussion over whether all budget items had been submitted 
	apart from childcare. It was mentioned that computer rental and glowsticks should 
	be under programme, padlocks under Merchandise. Additional sensory room 
	expenditure agreed in April also needed to be included however storage and 
	transport from Yo’s did not as she had said she would not charge us for this. 
	Debbie offered to buy mixed packs of stickers which will come under the 
	registration budget.

	There was a further discussion over snacks for volunteers which Elaine offered to 
	buy. She also said she would provide tea and coffee for the boarding houses but 
	not ask for a budget to cover it this year as so little was used last year. 

	It was suggested volunteers should receive a token gift – pen or badge and there 
	was a further discussion on badges. Debbie said she is ordering blue hi viz 
	jackets in various sizes so organisers could be easily identified.

	The Company Treasurer said the total budget requested was around £7000 however we 
	have approx £5800 (we are still awaiting some registration and payment).
	The Programme coordinator offered to reduce the Programme budget to £1600 and the 
	Company Treasurer said she hopes to keep registration to £750.

	The Company Treasurer reminded the board that our previous decision not to go over 
	the 25K income threshold for this year made this a particularly difficult budget. 
	On the one hand we are having to balance not holding too much as reserves with the 
	awareness that our chosen venue for next year has a higher price per person which 
	we usually offset from our reserves to minimise the impact on participants. 
	However, the more we owe the current venue for participant fees means the less 
	there is to spend on the event which we could supplement from the reserves but 
	this will impact on next year's fees. Usually we would bring in about 10% more 
	income from participants to help cover these costs but restricting our income 
	threshold to below 25K means this is not possible this year. 

     The final budget breakdown is:
     Programme 1600
     Childcare 1800 (includes accommodation)
     Organising: 1300 to include roughly:
     i/ Night before: 500
     ii/ Lunch before: 50 (extra people who need to arrive early to be useful)
     iii/ Onsite team: 750
     iv/ Volunteer stuff: 100
     Registration 1000 includes stickers aim to spend only 750.
     Misc Elaine 100
     Sensory room 300
     Printing 100 (only to be used if programme and registration run out)
     Insurance 550 (approx)
     Total: 6,750 with aim to spend under 6,500
     Approved (6 for)

3.7. The venue coordinator proposes that we hire Bosh and Becks private hire 
     taxi to provide the transport from and to Giggleswick and Settle station. Following 
     numerous phone calls these are the only ones available and we got a reasonable deal. 
     (6 For)

3.8. The chair proposed that we stop recording the actual number of votes on 
     the minutes.
     Rationale: The board made a decision previously to do it, so it needs to be undone 
     with a decision if we want to do that. It's not just an administrative thing we can 
     do or not do. It has been suggested as people come and go from meetings for various 
     reasons including poor connections. It is not intended to reflect dissent.There was a 
     discussion as to the advisability of this and whether it should be recorded if 
     someone abstain or the vote is unanimous. 
     Due to time restraints the discussion was deferred to list.

3.9.1 The chair proposed that we have a 'management team' which fits 
       approximately the description in appendix B. (6 For)

3.9.2 Kalen proposed the management team comprise:
	A. A specific number or range.
	B. Everyone who might reasonably have expected to be invited to be on the on site 
	team based on previous years structure. This includes all board members, plus 
	possibly a few others (to be discussed in second part)
	C. Something else I haven't thought of.

	-It was clarified that this would be for this year, with a review scheduled for October.

	Option B approved - The wider range of invitations. (4 for B, 2 for A)

3.9.3 The Chair proposed that we try to recruit a large number of 
       volunteers to do specific jobs. This will be as inclusive as possible in finding 
       jobs for all volunteers regardless of ability.
       The Chair confirmed that this would be about 20 volunteers.
       (6 For)

3.9.4 The Chair proposed we have a group of 'special' volunteers in 
       addition to the management team, who will be given jobs with more responsibility 
       and a minimum expected time commitment of approx 14 hours.

	Rationale: This would be for those who would normally expect to be on the on site 
	team (the board plus a few more) who can't can't or don't want to commit to the 
	Management Team responsibilities, It would be similar to what we always have had 
	as an on-site team, except that they would not have 'duty shifts' where they 
	wander about. They would man the information desk and do other important jobs. 
	This would be in addition to the management team.

	-There was a long discussion as to just what this meant particularly form people 
	who would have been on the onsite team this year. There was also concern as to how 
	many workers this would be in total, and the sort of people they would be. 

	It was identified as a place for people who don't really want the full time 
	management team responsibilities but who are experienced and reliable and could 
	man the info desk. It may include things like sitting in on a discussion where 
	things may get out of hand or helping people that need help around the venue.

	The on-site team rebate came under question and it was felt that if this team as 
	well as the Management team were offered a rebate it would prevent people from 
	opting to be on the management team who couldn't really commit to it but wanted to 
	do more than just be a general volunteer. It would also make the rebate more 
	accessible to non board members who didn't have the experience required for the 
	management team. 

     Approved (5 for, 1 against)

3.9.5 The Chair proposed that the management team received rebates on 
       their Autscape fees, the total budget to be divided fairly between all team members. 
       The organisers rebate budget should therefore be divided:
	A. Only between Management Team members.
	B. Between management team and on site team volunteers equally.
	C. Between management team and on site team volunteers, with management team 
	getting more.
	D. Something else.

	-There was discussion about where managers/onsite would be expected/permitted to 
	be. It was felt this needed to be better defined and was deferred to list.

	The matter was deferred to list.

4. Follow Ups

4.1. Web systems/Tech (Elaine)
     Nothing to report

5. Role Updates

5.1. Chair (Kalen)
     The Chair reported that the main issue at the moment is possible restructuring of the 
     on site team. Most things seem to be coming together well enough.
5.2. Company/Honorary Secretary (Elaine)
     The Company Secretary reported that the annual report is finally done. The annual 
     return has just presented a problem though which she has emailed the list about for 
     discussion after the meeting.
     All that remains outstanding of the statutory requirements is the charities 
     commission return. She also has various policies that will need presenting to the 
     board in due course. The Call for nominations has gone out (postal one about to go) 
     and we have some interest. She also needs an AGM time ASAP so AGM stuff can go out.

5.3. Company Treasurer
     The Company Treasurer reported two donations recently, one from Katja (100 pounds) - 
     it is the remaining money of a Norwegian autistic organisation that Katja and others 
     had to close down – and one anonymous (20 pounds). The book keeper team are looking 
     after payments and refunds this year. So nothing to report there.

5.4. Programme Coordinator
     The Programme Coordinator reported that presenter attendance is all sorted now. 
     Timetable is still in a draft form, but only needs a few things nailed down. Next is 
     to solicit offers of and organise leisure activities, plus a lot of paperwork type 
     things. Communication with the childcare providers has proven difficult, but 
     hopefully Debbie has it in hand. (The programme coordinator thanked Debbievfor taking 
     this on). We still need to arrange lifeguards, but although she contacted Settle pool 
     very early last year, it wasn't until about this time that they actually allocated 
     someone, so she doesn’t anticipate a problem. DJ is mostly sorted, but a place for 
     the disco is a bit trickier. AGM will be at 10.30am on Friday 19th August.

5.5. Venue Coordinator (Elaine)
     The Venue Coordinator reported that it is an easier task this year as we are familiar 
     with the venue. Menus are being sorted now.

5.6. Fundraising co-ordinator
     The Fundraising Coordinator reported no progress. He has postponed raising some 
     personal queries with the board until the current business preparing for the 2016 
     event is over.

5.7. Chair of Publications
     No report received from David as none requested. However Elaine reported that he had 
     proofread the annual report.
5.8 Registrar
     The Registrar gave the following update:
     120 had booked residential
     About a dozen non residential.
     Another ten or so one or two days (a few more currently being processed).
     A few short day people.
     She may need to extend day registration (if figures allow it) until the schedule is 
     The Registrar also stated that having a team of people on hand to keep up to date 
     with monies paid and refunds needed is proving invaluable.
     There are a few residential places left which she'll draw for on Wednesday. Currently 
     the queue is zero. She has passed the diet info to Elaine.

5.9 Bookkeepers
     Jeremy reported that requested refunds have all been dealt with. The accounting 
     system is fully reconciled with the bank and Paypal accounts. There have been 2 
     outgoings in the month of July.

6. AOB

6.1 Deposit for 2017

     The 2017 Venue Coordinator proposed we pay a deposit of £2400 to secure our booking 
     for Kings Park in August 2017

     Venue deposit approved. (6 For)

1.1 approve June minutes
3.8 recording votes - defer to list 
3.9.5 organiser rebate - deferred to list.
7.1 discuss transport coordinator on list.

Appendix A
Expenditure agreed in July 2016 meeting:

Programme 1600
Childcare 1800 (includes accommodation)
Organising: 1300 to include roughly:
i/ Night before: 500
ii/ Lunch before: 50 (extra people who need to arrive early to be useful)
iii/ Onsite team: 750
iv/ Volunteer stuff: 100
Registration 1000 includes stickers aim to spend only 750.
Misc Elaine 100
Sensory room 300
Printing 100 (only to be used if programme and registration run out)
Insurance 550 (ish)

2017 expenditure:

Deposit of £2400 to secure our booking for Kings Park in August 2017


Donations £120

Appendix B
1. They are on the equivalent of blue badge all the time.
2. They will attend meetings as needed.
3. Sometimes they will be doing difficult stuff, sometimes they will be doing boring 
stuff. But like with the board Autscape would not deliberately choose a person for what 
they find hardest to do but it can’t guarantee this would never happen.
4. They cover the tasks the volunteers don’t.
5. They must be able to use initiative and look for things that need doing. 
6. They are expected that where possible, medical conditions excluded of course, to night 
time duty even if its only for one night.
7. They are likely to be responsible for a large ‘area’ of running Autscape, without 
anyone ‘above’ them to pass the buck to (other than the board, if appropriate, which is 
very exceptional). They can still consult with others of the management team, of course.
These people are expected to:
 - be a leader
- make decisions and take responsibility for when they turn out to be not as good as you 
- be seen by participants as someone they can turn to for help.
8. Members of this team can negotiate attendance at Autscape programme activities and 
breaks with other members of the team. This is expected to be at least one activity and 
two breaks (which could be added together to be a long one) per person per day.