Minutes of November 2015 meeting

Minutes of meeting of the Board of directors of The Autscape Organisation

Meeting date: Saturday 28th November 2015

Meeting time: 15:00 BST

Meeting Chair: Kalen

Present: Elaine, Jeremy, Joseph, Kalen, Liz, Stephen

Apologies: Debbie, Trish

Observing: One Autscape member

The meeting was opened at 15:20 BST.

1. Approvals

1.1 Approval of the final October 2015 Minutes as posted to the Autscape
    Board list on 28th November 2015. (6 For).

2. Ratifications

With agreement of the board all ratifications were voted on together.

2.1: The decision taken on the 18th November 2015 on the Autscape Board list
    to book Giggleswick as the venue between 2016 (16-19 of August)
    providing the venue meets our conditions (Conditions confirmed in e-mail
    to venue co-ordinator on 27th November 2015. (6 For.)
    The Venue Coordinator asked for this to remain confidential until an
    official announcement could be made in the next few days.
    Actions: Elaine to write an official announcement stating that Autscape
    2016 has been provisionally booked at Giggleswick.

2.2: The decision taken on 5th November on list to allow the available
    videos of presentations by Kabie, Damian and Yo to be shown at the
    upcoming autistics' event in Finland, on the condition that the clips
    not include voices or images of participants other than that of the
    presenter. (6 for).

3. Proposals

3.1 Bookkeeper proposal
    Elaine requested that the discussion of this be deferred, as she had
    amended the proposal and this amended proposal has yet to be agreed to
    by the Company Treasurer. The Chair agreed to this.

4. Follow ups

4.1 Chat List Policy
    Due to the possibility of further changes the Chair deferred this to the
    list for further discussion.

4.2 Domain Purchase
    Martijn had responsibility for this task but since his resignation the
    board needed to find a replacement. Deferred for discussion on list.

4.3 Font License Tracking Page
    The Chair decided to defer this for the same reason as 4.2.

4.4 Draft letter for volunteer moderators
    Stephen reported no progress with this. Elaine volunteered to write this
    Action: Elaine to write the draft letter for volunteer moderator.

5. Role Reports

5.1 Chair
    The Chair acknowledged that Autscape had had a rocky start to the year,
    but expressed confidence that Autscape will manage to do its job
    effectively over the coming year. She was pleased to see that the venue
    had been decided upon, as it gives the board something specific to work

5.2 Company Treasurer
    No report due to absence of Company Treasurer.

5.3 Company Secretary
    The Company Secretary said that she had been out of action for awhile,
    but hoped to have the annual report completed by the end of the year.
    She would also be looking at more policies, roles,organisations and
    delegated authorities. Liz offered to help the Company Secretary with
    her report. The Company Secretary said she would let Liz know if
    assistance is required.

5.4 Web Systems
    Stephen asked if Martijn had submitted a report. The Chair said that she
    had not asked him to do so. Elaine said that we needed somebody with
    suitable skills in the area as soon as possible. The Chair said that
    Martijn was still willing to maintain and update the underlying web
    systems, but he is not willing make superficial, day-to-day updates on
    the website. The Chair said that this is something she could manage
    technically once taught, but she doubts her ability to actually carry it
    out. Deferred to list for further discussion.

5.5 Honorary Secretary
    The Honorary Secretary reported no progress in this role during this

5.6 Outgoing 2015 Programme Co-ordinator Report
    The Programme Co-ordinator said that she has not yet finalised her
    report, but she will get it done as soon as possible

5.7 Outgoing 2015 Venue Co-ordinator Report
    The 2015 Venue Co-ordinator has not yet finalised her report.

5.8 Outgoing Registrar Report
    No report due to absence of Registrar.

5.9 Venue Co-ordinator
    The 2016 Venue Co-ordinator said that she only received confirmation of
    the 2016 venue at 4:55 on Friday. She will be in touch with them
    regarding the contract soon. She had nothing further to report. Joseph
    asked when a decision will be made on which venue to use forthe 2017
    Autscape as some venues were asking for a date for a decision. Kalen and
    Elaine estimated February 2016. Joseph reminded the board that comments
    were still required on the board list regarding the suitability of
    venues for 2017.
    Action: All board members to look through the list potential venues and
    give their opinions.

6. Subcommittee Reports

6.1 Fundraising
    The Chair of Fundraising had nothing to report.

6.2 Publicity and Publications
    There was no report due to the post being vacant. However, the chair of
    Fundraising suggested we should give more publicity and re-alert people
    to our fundraising through Give as you live as Christmas is approaching.
    Following a short discussion the chair of Fundraising agreed to put
    something on the website and update Facebook.
    Action: The Chair of Fundraising to make an update on Facebook regarding
    Autscape's fundraising.

6.3 Merchandise and Purchasing
    Stephen said there was nothing to report but reminded the board that
    Autscape still needed to buy new clickers for 2016. Kalen asked if a
    report on merchandise could be made available  to inform future
    purchases. Elaine said she would write one.
    Action: Elaine to write a report on merchandising for 2015.

7. Any other business

The Chair said that she would like to add Publications/Publicity to the
roles in part two because if Autscape deferred on this again, it would miss
out on an opportunity to release a brochure and there will be in a big rush
for ads that need to go early in the year.

(Closed portion of the meeting)

8. Roles

8.1 Programme Co-ordinator (Candidates: Kalen)
    Kalen approved as Programme co-ordinator for 2016. (5 For)
    Joseph expressed an interest in learning about this role so Kalen agreed
    to add him to the mailing list.

8.2 Honorary Secretary (Candidates: Trish and Elaine)
    Elaine elected as Honorary Secretary (Elaine 6, Trish 0)
    Elaine asked if somebody was able to do the minutes due to her workload.
    Joseph volunteered.

8.3 Web Maintenance
    Martijn had agreed to continue with some aspects of this role but
    following a brief discussion it was decided we need to ascertain what
    Martijn was still willing to do before electing anybody else to this
    role. Kalen said she would do essential website maintenance in the
    Action: The Chair agreed to contact Martijn to determine his position
    regarding web maintenance.

 8.4 Fundraising Chair (Candidates: Liz)
    Liz approved as chair of Fundraising (5 For)
    Jeremy said he would like to learn about this role so it was agreed that
    he assist the Fundraising Chair.

8.5 Bookkeepers
    The Chair deferred this pending the Company Treasurers bookkeepers

8.6 Publications/Publicity
8.6.1: The Chair proposed the separation of Publications and Publicity.
    (6 For)
    The Chair and the Company Secretary agreed to define the role of
    publicity at a later date.
8.6.2: The Chair proposed David Mery for the Publications role.
    David Mery was approved for Publications Chair (6 For)
    Elaine requested that Publications is changed into a working group at a
    later date.
    Actions:  The Chair and Company Secretary to define the roles of
    publications and publicity and the Publications and Publicity sub
    committee be changed to a Publications working group.

The meeting was closed at 17:25 BST


2.1 Elaine to write an official announcement stating that Autscape is
provisionally booked for  Giggleswick.

4.4  Elaine to write the draft letter for volunteer moderators

5.9 Board Members to look through the list potential venues and give their

6.2 The Chair of Fundraising to make an update on Facebook regarding
Autscapes fundraising.

6.3 Elaine to write a report on merchandising for 2015.

8.3 Martijn to be contacted and asked what he will do and what he will not
do with regards to the maintenance of the website

8.6 The Chair and Company Secretary to define the roles of publications and
publicity. The Publications and Publicity sub committee be changed to a
Publications working group.

New Roles:
Programme Co-ordinator- Kalen
Honorary Secretary - Elaine
Fundraising Chair - Liz
Publications Chair - David