Agenda for May 2015 meeting

Agenda for May 2015 board meeting

Meeting to be held at 3pm BST on Saturday 23 May 2015
at #autscape

Apologies: Debbie (Partial attendance), Elaine, Liz, Trish

1. Request to waive right to formal notice of meeting.

2. Ratifications

2.1 To change the fees to variant C of the options presented to the board
(2 votes for C, one vote for 1), in order to reduce the workload for the
programmer and as such get the booking opened sooner. [See Appendix A for

3. Proposals

3.1 The vice treasurer proposes that the board accept the draft accounts
forwarded to the board on May 6th.

3.2 The vice treasurer proposes that the board ammends item c) in the
reserves policy to "Set the reserves upper and lower limits to GBP 2000 and
GBP 5000 respectively." (See appendix B for rationale)

4. Follow Ups

4.1 Annual Report (Liz)

4.2 Opening Registration (Debbie - Sent to list)

4.3 Policy Updates (Elaine)

4.4 Personal Data Retention Policy (Martijn)

4.5 Allowances policy for out and about (Elaine)

4.6 Guidance for splitting conference from governance (Elaine)

4.7 Domain purchase (Martijn)

4.8 Purchase of Font License (Martijn)

4.9 Finance Authorisations (Stephen)

4.10 Extra Facebook Admin (Martijn)

5. Role Reports

5.1 Chair (Martijn)

5.2 Treasurer (Stephen as Vice)

5.3 Company Secretary (Elaine)

5.4 Web Systems (Martijn)

5.5 Honorary Secretary (Stephen)

5.6 Programme Coordinator (Kalen)

5.7 Venue Coordinator (Elaine)

5.8 Childcare (Elaine)

6. Subcommittee and working group reports

6.1 Fundraising (Liz)

6.2 Publicity and Publications (Martijn)

6.3 Merchandise and Purchasing (Stephen)

6.4 Newsletter

7. AOB

Closed portion of meeting

(confidential; main programme decisions)

Appendix A - Summary of on-list discussion relating to 2.1

Stephen suggested that the comparitive lack of twins compared to previous
years meant that Variant C would incentivise people to either go for
singles or flexible bookings, Trish preferred the family discount of C.

Debbie indicated that the choice was between adults having more options to
share, leading to lower fees available for sharing, or one set of adult
sharing fees giving the possibility of lower family fees.

Appendix B - Rationale for 3.2

The current reserves policy, as voted for in item 2.2 of the September
meeting in 2012, is for Autscape to maintain general reserves between GBP
1000 and GBP 3000.

The reserves policy was voted on when Autscape paid event insurance as part
of the event funds, rather than general funds. Autscape now has integrated
event and indemity insurance. This is relevent since we now pay for event
insurance out of general, rather than event funds. The increase at the
lower end, and half of the increase at the upper end, of our reserves
policy, is intended to accomodate this change in where the insurance
payment comes from.

Additionally it is difficult to exactly predict both demand and what
booking options people will go for, and the GBP 2000 window our general
reserves currently provide is very easy to accidentally fall outside the
bounds of what we decided our general reserves should be, especially while
the conference is growing. The additional GBP 1000 increase at the upper
end is intended to give the registrar and treasurer more margin of error
when setting the fees. If we are at the upper end of our reserves, for
example, with the extra room we could more sensibly target to decrease our
reserves by more than we are able to with a GBP 2000 window. If demand is
then higher than we anticipated that year, we might maintain our reserves
within the window, rather than accidentally increasing our general reserves
when we targetted reducing them.

The proposed change is based on a suggestion from Peter.