Minutes of February 2015 (extra) meeting

Minutes of Extraordinary meeting
of the Board of directors of The Autscape Organisation

Meeting date: Saturday the 28th of February 2015

Meeting time: 8.00pm GMT

Meeting Chair: Martijn

Present: Alastair, Debbie, Martijn, Trish, Elaine, Kalen, Stephen

Apologies: Liz

Meeting opened 8:07pm.

1.  Deciding on long term strategies

    This extraordinary board meeting was called following the resignation of
    the Treasurer (Peter), because review was needed to ensure that the
    board could still fulfil its essential competencies without him. It was
    briefly considered to seek a replacement Treasurer from outside, but the
    meeting became dedicated to reassigning roles within the board instead.

    The discussions on the roles of (1.1) Company Secretary, (1.2) Treasurer
    and (1.3) Chair were handled together as they impact on each other.

    There was an initial discussion about each position and about the
    implications of different people taking them, including the impact on
    existing responsibilities and conflicts of interest. Most people already
    have a heavy workload. In an ideal situation we would ensure that the
    chair and company secretary are not in a situation of conflict of
    interest. However, currently we may not be able to avoid it, merely
    manage the situation as well as possible, particularly in regard to how
    it may be viewed externally, despite our experience of managing similar

    Some people were willing to take positions, but unsure if they were

    Company Secretary has in the past been advertised outside with no
    success. The role requires training and so far Kalen is the only person
    who has attended this, but it was some time ago. It was pointed out that
    Honorary Secretary and Company Secretary can be, and have been in the
    past, the same person.

    Treasurer requires the ability to write concise phrasing. Trish offered
    help with this as required.

    Martijn was uncertain whether to continue as Chair. There were
    discussions as to the viability of swapping Trish's and Martijn's roles
    (not ideal for either), a possible review after a period of time, and
    who else may be considered as Chair. It was felt important (to members
    and outsiders rather than the Board) that the Chair is recognised as
    autistic which would unfortunately automatically discount some people
    from this position.

2.  Role Assignments

2.1.  Company Secretary
      The board appointed Elaine as the new Company Secretary (4 for).

2.2.  Treasurer
      The board appointed Debbie as the new Treasurer (5 for).

2.3.  Chair
      A quick opinion poll indicated that most people were happy for Martijn
      to continue as Chair.

2.4.  Childcare coordinator
      Deferred to the next monthly meeting.

3.  Deciding on finance authorizations

    Deferred to the next monthly meeting.

4.  Any Other Business

    No other business.

Meeting closed 10:31pm.