Agenda for September 2014 meeting

Agenda for September 2014 board meeting

Meeting to be held at 2pm on Sunday 21st September at #autscape



1. Ratifications:

    1.1 The decision to approve the Revised Research T&C for Ben, with
        interaction badged changed to initiation badge.

    1.2 The decision to amend term 2 of Ben's Research T&C to exclude
        research on yellow badge.

    1.3 The decision to amend term 6 of Ben's Research T&C to allow
        approaching groups that enough people are opting in and opting out
        for splinter groups to form for both while preventing isolating one
        or two people not opting in.

    1.4 The decision to approve a budget of £30 to cover plastic sheets to
        protect the carpets from paint at Belsey Bridge.

    1.5 The decision to extend the period of emergency moderation related
        to the thread Balance? by 24 hours.

2. Proposals:

    2.1 Future Research Requests (Deferred from June meeting, Deferred
        further on request of proposer; See Appendix A)
           i) Debbie proposes we approve a new position of research request
          ii) Debbie proposes we approve and publish a date by which all
              research proposals (including filming requests) must be
              submitted by before Autscape each year. These proposals are
              hard work and time consuming. Debbie suggests mid March which
              is roughly in line with the formal programme submissions and
              gives us time to discuss the proposals in April before
              registration opens around May.

3. Follow ups:

    3.1 Venue search

    3.2 Personal Data Retention Policy

    3.3 Guidance for splitting conference organisation from governance

    3.4 Outstanding Minutes

    3.5 Dutch Autscape

    3.6 Chat list moderator powers

    3.7 Website Files

    3.8 Newsletter

4. Role reports:

    4.1 Chair (Martijn)

    4.2 Treasurer (Peter)

    4.3 Company secretary (Debbie)

    4.4 2013-2014 Venue coordinator (Elaine)

    4.5 Web systems (Martijn)

    4.6 Honorary secretary (Stephen)

    4.7 2013-2014 Registrar (Debbie)

    4.8 2013-2014 Childcare coordinator (Debbie)

    4.9 2013-2014 Travel coordinator (Peter)

5. Any Other Business

(Closed portion of meeting)

6 Role assignments

    6.1 Chair (Last year Martijn; Candidates: )

    6.2 Vice Chair (Last year Elaine; Candidates: )

    6.3 Treasurer (Last year Peter; Candidates: )

    6.4 Vice Treasurer (Last year None; Candidates: )

    6.5 Web Systems (Last year Martijn; Candidates: )

    6.6 Honorary Secretary (Last year Stephen; Candidates: )

    (It is not proposed to seek to elect a venue coordinator until the
venue is known)

(End of closed portion of meeting)

Appendix A - Rationale for 2.1

On the subject of having a deadline for when people can submit these
requests and nominating someone to deal with them (or assigning the task to

Autscape offers a really good place to come and observe autistic behaviour
or conduct other types of research. It is likely that we can expect to get
more requests like these in the future, with all the potential problems

Therefore we need to be thinking about framing a policy around research
(and perhaps 'projects' e.g. the filming last year) to help us make
decisions in the future.