Minutes of July 2014 meeting

Minutes of meeting of the Board of directors of The Autscape Organisation

Meeting date: Sunday 20th July 2014

Meeting time: 2.00pm BST

Meeting Chair: Martijn

Present: Stephen, Martijn, Trish, Elaine, Debbie, Peter, Alastair, Liz

Apologies: None

Meeting opened 2:07pm.

1. Ratifications

1.1.  The decision to have Autscape cover the attendance cost for someone
      to attend for one day to run a sensory workshop for the Alternative
      Ratified (7 for).

2.  Role reports

2.1.  Chair (Martijn)
      The Vice Chair reported (on Chair's request) that it has been a busy
      month with a lot of people working very hard to get things done. Most
      things are in the final stages and it should all be done in time.
      Martijn thanked the Board for their support in his absence.

2.2.  Treasurer (Peter)
      The Treasurer reported that all booking fees have been paid. He is in
      the process of closing the old bank account.

2.3.  Company Secretary (Debbie)
      The Company Secretary reported that Liz is preparing items for the AGM
      including information on people standing for election.
      (From report on list) She thanked Liz and Peter for their work,
      necessary due to her current heavy workload as registrar.

2.4.  Venue coordinator (Elaine)
      The Venue Coordinator reported that everything is going well, final
      booking details have been sent in and menus are nearing completion.

2.5.  Web systems (Martijn)
      Nothing to report.

2.6.  Honorary Secretary (Stephen)
      Nothing to report.

2.7.  Registrar (Debbie)
      The Registrar reported just over 100 booked.
      (From report on list) Final details have been submitted to the venue.
      Over 10% of participants are carers. She is now working on contingency

2.8.  Childcare coordinator (Debbie)
      The Childcare Coordinator reported we now have 5 children booked, 2 of
      which are first time attendees.
      (From onlist report) The Childcare Coordinator is still completing
      paperwork for sending to parents. Creche staff arrival time has been
      arranged so that they can meet organisers at lunch before commencing
      in the afternoon. They have visited the venue and liaison continues
      regarding arrangements.

2.9.  Travel coordinator (Peter)
      The Travel Coordinator reported receipt of approx GBP 300 income for
      transport bookings, however he will be requesting up to GBP 500 for
      taxis etc between Norwich and the venue.

3.  Subcommittee, working group and other reports

3.1.  Formal Programme subcommittee (Martijn)
      The Formal Programme Coordinator reported that, barring any
      last-minute changes, the formal part of the programme schedule is
      ready and online. He is awaiting information from the alternative
      programme and is still to do the presenter bios. He will be asking for
      presenter handouts by the 27th.
      Peter confirmed the print deadline as  a week before Autscape at the
      very latest.
      Elaine and Trish reported that the Alternative schedule is almost

3.2.  Alternative Programme subcommittee (Trish)
      The Alternative Programme Coordinator reported a very busy but
      productive month of decisions and planning. She thanked Elaine for her

3.3.  Fundraising subcommittee (Liz)
      Liz reported sending out details of the Give as you Live fundraising
      platform through the Bulletin and would like to know if anyone present
      had signed up to it.

3.4.  Research subcommittee (Peter)
      Nothing to report.

3.5.  Publicity subcommittee (Alastair)
      Alastair reported that part 1 of the info pack is being finalised, and
      part 2 is waiting for information from the alternative programme. He
      is working on part 3.
      He has also been working on the consent form for Ben. There followed a
      discussion as to whether this should be in folders (to follow up on

3.6.  Purchasing working group (Elaine)
      Elaine reported that most of the conference supplies are in apart from
      name badges. She has also looked into organiser wear and will order
      more. She will be ordering additional merchandise and sensory items.

3.7.  Anybody else
      No further reports.

4.  Follow-ups

4.1.  Filing (Annual Return, Corporation Tax NIL Payment)
      Peter reported that all filing etc has been done except for the
      Companies House Annual Return which cannot be done yet. He has also
      put some documentation re deadlines on the Board section of the

4.2.  Research badge
      Peter reported he has a stamp for a leaf symbol and will make it a

4.3.  Film license
      Trish reported that after a long discussion it was decided this was
      not viable at present and this year we will instead run Dana's film.
         Liz said she has asked William Davenport, Director of Too Sane for
      this World and Citizen Autistic if we can show these. She will follow
      up on this.

4.4.  Venue search
      Peter and Elaine reported some potential venues but difficulties in
      visiting soon mean we may lose some options. One possibility is to
      book Belsey Bridge.

[Debbie left the meeting at this point.]

4.5.  Personal Data Retention Policy (Martijn)
      No progress.

4.6.  Guidance for splitting conference organisation from governance
      Elaine reported that she has been working on this but it is now on
      hold until after Autscape.

4.7.  Outstanding Minutes
      Martijn reported no progress but hopes to get back to it soon.

4.8.  Dutch Autscape
      Martijn agreed to deal with this as soon as he can but pointed out
      that not much can happen until after Autscape. Trish agreed to resend
      her draft email to Martijn.

4.9.  Website Files
      No progress.

4.10. Newsletter
      No progress.

5.  Proposals

5.1.  Transportation and courier budgets.
      Peter proposed budgets of
        i)  GBP 150 for courier services for Yo to transport items to Peter.
        ii) GBP 200 for van hire and fuel for Peter to transport Autscape
            materials to Autscape.
      Budgets approved (combined vote, 7 for).

5.2.  Materials disposal. Peter proposed for any board member to be able to
      dispose of Autscape's conference materials and merchandise if either:
        a) the value of the items is low, or
        b) the value of the items are lower than the cost of storing and
           transporting those items.
      See Appendix A for rationale.
      There followed a short discussion as to whether this was advisable.
      The proposal was approved (7 for).

5.3.  Transport budget. The Travel coordinator proposed that he be delegated
      up to £500 for taxis etc as transport between Norwich and the venue.
      Budget approved (7 for).

6.  Any Other Business

6.1.  Board agreement of Terms and Conditions for Ben.
      It was pointed out that the Board had not received the very latest
      version as sent to Ben. Alastair agreed to send the latest copy to
      Board for approval immediately, to be dealt with on list.

6.2.  Outstanding presenter information.
      Alastair requested a full lecture summary as well as bio for Dorit.

6.3.  Onsite Team.
      Elaine reported that she has recruited Katja for the on site team but
      could do with one more. She also asked if anyone can produce a rota
      and Martijn offered to ask for a volunteer on the onsite team.

6.4.  Transport of Sensory Equipment.
      (From Debbie's report on list)
      The cost of this has increased as there are more boxes than
      anticipated. A date for the move is still being arranged.

Closed part of the meeting

[Peter left the meeting at this point.]

7. Recommendations to the board

7.1.  The Company Secretary proposed that we recommend to the membership at
      the 2014 AGM that they elect as a director: Peter Benie.
      See Appendix B for further information.
      There followed a discussion and general assent.
      Martijn pointed out, for formality's sake, that there is a conflict of
      interest: Debbie is not just the proposer and the company secretary but
      also Peter's partner.
      The proposal was approved (6 for).

Meeting closed 3:56 BST.