Agenda for April 2014 meeting

Agenda for April 2014 board meeting

Meeting to be held at 2pm on Sunday 13th April at #autscape



1. Ratifications:


2. Proposals:

2.1.  Selection of proposals to the formal programme

2.1.1.  The Formal Programme Coordinator proposes to select the following 
        proposals for the Autscape 2014 formal programme:
        - Accessing formal support through the lifespan (Yo)
        - How to make a successful claim for ESA/PIP (Elaine)
        - 'Here be Dragons' - the lifeJourney and the Quest. (Lyte)
        - 1. Mapping personal identity through the ... (Damian/Susy)
        - Neurotypical Awareness (Alastair Cooper)
        - The AGP and Genocide: The Unbearable ... (Alistair)
        - Do engineers make good advocates? (Diederik Weve)

2.1.2.  The Formal Programme Coordinator proposes to select either one
        or both of the following proposals for the Autscape 2014 formal
        a) Autistic adults and projects: Ethical and ... (Heta)
        b) An Introduction to the AUTHEW project (Penny Andrews)

2.1.3.  The Formal Programme Coordinator proposes not to select the
        remainder of the proposals.

2.2.  The Treasurer proposes a revised cancellation policy with an admin fee
      of £20 on cancellation before close of registration and no refund on
      cancellation after this time.

2.3.  The Treasurer proposes a revised payment policy with cancellation of
      booking if no payment is received within two weeks of booking.

2.4.  The Registrar proposes the fees and discounts as described for
      Autscape 2014 (link 1, link 2). Please note it is requested that
      questions and comments be made prior to the meeting.

2.5.  Martijn proposes that Autscape implement a personal data retention 
      policy to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act.
      For rationale, please see Appendix A.

3. Follow ups:

3.1.  DBS checks (Elaine)
      See Appendix B.

3.2.  Outstanding minutes (Martijn)

3.3.  Website files
3.4.  Dutch Autscape
3.5.  Bulletin  (Trish)

4. Role reports:

4.1.  Chair (Martijn)

4.2.  Treasurer (Peter)

4.3.  Company secretary (Debbie)

4.4.  Venue co-ordinator (Elaine)

4.5.  Web systems (Martijn)

4.6.  Honorary Secretary (Stephen)

4.7.  Registrar (Debbie)
4.8.  Childcare Coordinator (Debbie)

4.9.  Travel Coordinator (Peter)

5. Subcommittee, working group and any other reports (If applicable)

5.1.  Formal Programme subcommittee (Martijn)

5.2.  Alternative Programme subcommittee (Trish)

5.3.  Fundraising subcommittee (Liz)

5.4.  Research subcommittee (Peter)

5.5.  Publicity subcommittee (Alastair)

5.6.  Purchasing working group (Elaine)

5.7.  Anybody else


Closed part of meeting

7.  Ratifications

7.1.  (confidential; deals with personal data)

Appendix A - Rationale for personal data retention policy
The Data Protection Act mandates that personal data must be processed
following these principles so that data are:

 • processed fairly and lawfully and only if certain conditions are met;
 • obtained for specified and lawful purposes;
 • adequate, relevant and not excessive;
 • accurate and where necessary kept up-to-date;
 • not kept for longer than necessary;
 • processed in accordance with individual's rights;
 • kept in a secure manner;
 • not transferred outside of the EEA without adequate protection.

Appendix B - DBS report from Elaine

1. There are 3 levels of cover, Basic, Standard and Enhanced. An Enhanced
   check also allows for an extra check to the barred list.

2. Anybody can apply for a basic check.

3. Only specific occupations can apply for a standard check.

4. To be eligible for an enhanced DBS check you need to be in a role that
   comes under the definition of Regulated activity which became law in
   September 2012 (which we are not).

Note: prior to September 2012 Trustees had to have an Enhanced CRB check
(which is why we had them) and now those trustees are still eligible for an
Enhanced DBS check but only if they undertake Regulated Activity (which we

Therefore, I now conclude that we do not need Enhanced DBS checks. We could
however still apply for a basic check if we still felt it was necessary to
conduct a check on trustees.