Agenda for February 2014 meeting

Agenda for February 2014 board meeting

Meeting to be held at 2pm on Sunday 16th February at #autscape


Apologies: Alastair, Liz

1. Ratifications:

1.1 The decision to no longer use as the supplier of our

1.2 The Autscape Registered address (for Company registration only) was
    returned to the previous address until a suitable, cost effective
    alternative is found.

2. Proposals:

2.1 The Treasurer proposes that one additional person have access to the
    web interface.

2.2 The Treasurer proposes that two additional signatories (Liz and Alastair)
    are appointed for the bank account.

2.3 The Company Secretary proposes that Company Secretary passwords be made
    available to an additional person.

2.4 Company Addresses (see Appendix A)

2.4.1 Correspondence address
      Debbie proposes: Autscape to use Peter's address as Autscape's
      correspondence address this year.

2.4.2 Registered address
      Debbie proposes: Autscape to use Peter's address as Autscape's
      registered address subject to Companies House agreeing 
      that it is okay for us to only display the company sign
      inside; in the room Peter his Autscape work. Peter to contact
      Companies House.

2.5 The Venue Co-ordinator proposes that the Autscape phone be topped up
    with £10 approximately twice a year.

2.6 The Venue Co-ordinator proposes that we submit a bid to the National
    Diversity Awards and offered to action this.

3. Follow ups:

3.1 DBS checks (Elaine)

3.2 Autscape Bulletin (Trish)

4. Role reports (if applicable):

4.1 Chair (Martijn)

4.2 Treasurer/Outgoing Interim Treasurer (Peter/Stephen)

4.3 Company secretary (Debbie)

4.4 Venue co-ordinator (Elaine)

4.5 Web systems (Martijn)

4.6 Honorary Secretary (Stephen)

4.7 Registrar (Debbie)

5. Subcommittee, working group and any other reports (If applicable)

5.1 Formal Programme subcommittee (Martijn)

5.2 Alternative Programme subcommittee (Trish)

5.3 Fundraising subcommittee (Liz)

5.4 Research subcommittee (Peter)

5.5 Publicity subcommittee (Alastair)

5.6 Purchasing working group (Elaine)

5.7 Anybody else


Appendix A - Company Addresses
Background:  We have two addresses.  Our correspondence address is the one
we give out to people and put in adverts and our official company registered
address which goes on all formal communications. 

We have the following issues:

1/ We would like to have a consistent address from year to year
2/ We do not want to spend lots of conference fee money on this
3/ The company name has to be clearly displayed at the company registered
address premises. 
4/ We need a reliable service that will get to us regardless of whose name
the sender uses.

I've split the vote into two. 

I/ Contact address: 

a/ We use Peter's home address for the correspondence

b/ We use a Pay as you go post forwarding system.  This would give us a
permanent address. This would cost in the region of £1.50 to £2.00 per
letter.  We cannot use this service for companies house. 

c/ We use a combined address solution.  A typical one costs in the region of
£250 plus per year.  This would also give us a permanent address. 

d/ We use a PO box again at a cost in the region of £300 per year. 

II/ Registered address:

The vote isn't needed if option (c) from above was chosen.

a/ We use a service address. This comes at a cost of around £40-£60 a year
and only forwards official companies house and the like mail to us. Other
mail is dropped. 

b/ We use Peter's home address subject to companies house agreeing that the
sign can be displayed only inside, where he does his Autscape work. Peter to
contact companies house.