Agenda for December 2013 meeting

Agenda for December 2013 board meeting

Meeting to be held at 2pm on Sunday 15th December at #autscape


Apologies:  Trish

1. Ratifications: None

2. Announcements:
2.1  Yo's resignation from the board on 24th of November 2013.

3. Proposals:

3.1 Meeting Schedule

Proposal: Autscape changes the meeting schedule to either
A) Holding a formal board meeting every 2 months with the other month being
a meeting specifically for discussions of bigger issues
B) Hold a meeting for discussing things a week prior to the board meeting

The rationale for this proposal is in appendix A.

3.2 Fidelity Insurance

Proposal: That Autscape extends its insurance cover to include fidelity

3.3 Venue size

Proposal:  The board makes a decision regarding the potential size of the
2015 venue.
This is needed so the research subcommittee knows what it is researching.

4. Follow ups:

4.1 Virtual box address information

4.2 Updating information

4.2.1 Charities Commission

4.2.2 Companies House

4.2.3 CRB Checks

5. Role reports (if applicable):

5.1 Chair (Martijn)

5.2 Treasurer/Outgoing Interim Treasurer (Peter/Stephen)

5.3 Stand in company secretary for November - December (Debbie?)

5.4 Venue co-ordinator (Elaine)

5.5 Web systems (Martijn)

6. Subcommittee, working group and any other reports (If applicable)

6.1 Formal Programme subcommittee (Martijn)

6.2 Alternative Programme subcommittee (Trish)

6.3 Fundraising subcommittee (Liz)

6.4 Research subcommittee (Debbie)

6.5 Publicity subcommittee (Alastair)

6.6 Purchasing working group (Elaine)

6.7 Anybody else


Closed portion of meeting

8 Key positions to be filled

8.1 Company Secretary

Alastair to report back on any progress made in finding a company secretary.

If one is found, then vote as to whether to accept that person (subject to
IRC interview?)

If one not found vote how to continue


a/ pay for services

b/ ask Debbie to take on the role of company secretary, but not honorary

c/ otherwise appoint from inside the board

d/ give up searching and agree that company secretary tasks will be

8.2 Honorary Secretary

Should some options be chosen from 8.2, a seperate honorary secretary would
be required, which may need to be formally split into further roles to fit
people's skill sets.

Candidates: Stephen(?), Trish(?)

9 AOB (For private part of meeting)

Appendix A [Item 3.1]

Elaine writes: The board meetings frequently have issues that require a lot
of discussion. Sometimes these are referred to the board list or they have
been brought up on the board list prior to the meeting. However, board list
discussions rarely include everybody and unless they are regarded as urgent
they often drag on and don't bring about a conclusion.

By dedicating a meeting purely for discussion issues can be brought to a
conclusion quicker and without the pressure that people often feel in the
board meeting due to time or the formality of it. Decisions could then be
ratified at the main board meeting.