Agenda for November 2012 meeting

Agenda for November 2012 board meeting

Meeting to be held at 2pm on Sunday 25th November (rearranged from 18th
November) at #autscape



1.      Request from the company secretary for directors to waive their
right to formal notice of this meeting

2.      Proposals

2.1.   Independent Examination. Not to have Autscape's accounts subjected to
an independent examination henceforth (unless it becomes legally necessary)
(see Appendix A)

3.      Follow-ups

3.1.   Venue booking (Elaine)

3.2.   Director recruitment (Yo)

3.3.   Purchase/transfer of autscape domains (Martijn)

3.4.   Draft chat list guidance (Martijn)

4.      Roles and responsibilities (additional candidates are welcome to
state their interest before or during the meeting) to take effect
immediately. Reminder that it may be possible to appoint non-directors to
some roles:

4.1.   2012-2013 Programme Coordinator (Last year - Kalen (formal), Trish
(alternative) Candidates:

5.      Key position progress reports (matters not covered earlier)

5.1.   IT systems manager (handover, website updating, anything else)

5.2.   Interim Treasurer (progress of the accounts, actions taken under
delegated authority, handover progress including whether he now has the
cheque book, training needs, contact with bank/accountants, anything else)

5.3.   Company Secretary (actions taken under delegated authority,
outstanding issues)

5.4.   Chair (road map, actions taken under delegated authority, board
functioning and communication, progress so far in 2012-2013 and next tasks)

6.      Any other business


Peter's email says:

"I also recommend that if we have our accounts prepared by a third party,
as we did last year, that we do not ask for the accounts to have an
independent examination. I don't see what benefit we, or the members, get
from the examination; the examination is not required by regulation
because of the small size of the charity."

Company secretary's view:

I think the board needs to consider the cost versus the reputational issues.
If the board decides in favour of the proposal, I recommend that the
decision is explained to the members and the fact that the accounts *are*
prepared by an external accountant in the first place stressed.

Additional information:

Stephen's wrote:

As requested, I've been in touch with our accountants to get the cost of
filing with and without independent examination:

With examination would cost us £700 like last year.
Without examination would cost us around £300-400.

The cost of corporate tax filing would be £150. (Secretary's note: The board
decided last month to ask the accountants to file this - see 2.6 October
2012 minutes)