Agenda for May 2012 meeting

Final Agenda for May 2012 board meeting rev 2

Meeting to be held on Sunday 6th May at 2pm at 



1.      Statement

1.1.   The board notes our decision by written resolution on 19/04/12 to 
approve the final accounts.

2.      Ratification

2.1.   Our decision to co-opt Debbie to the board (12/04/12)

2.2.   To accept a revised proposal "Interests, people, and autism" (Dinah 
Murray) for the Autscape programme (21/04/12)

3.      Proposals

3.1.   The childcare coordinator proposes that Autscape book to provide childcare at Autscape 2012 and allocate a 
budget of £1750 for childcare. [See Appendix A for rationale]

3.2.   The purchasing coordinator proposes that the board allocate a general
merchandise budget (excluding pens) of £200.

3.3.   The webmaster proposes retaining Jump Networks as Autscape's web 
hosts for a further year. The cost will be GBP 102 (the full amount is GBP 
168 incl. VAT, and because of a reduction in costs, we have a credit note 
for GBP 66), however, Autscape is being offered a conditional donation to 
meet the full cost. [See briefing paper on donation conditions posted to 
list on 03/06/11 for reference]

3.4.   The alternative program chair requests a budget of £300 to cover:
* Glowsticks (sparklies and 'olympics'),
* Refreshments during registration period (incl special diet needs),
* Art, craft and similar material refunds,
* Stickers and other costs associated with registration activities,
* Cheap table tennis bats, balls, nets (if venue's are not adequate),
* And other relevant items.
This allows a margin for error in the costings.

3.5.   The registrar proposes that we do not allow presenters coming for 
only one night to book single en-suites unless they have a very good reason.
(Allowing them to do so would take the room out of action for participants 
coming for the whole of Autscape - see discussion on list 4/5/12 'Presenter 
one night options')

4.      Follow ups

4.1.   Purchase/transfer of autscape domains (Peter)

4.2.   Chair of sc-research (Kalen)

4.3.   Echo feasibility report (Kalen)

4.4.   Draft chat list guidance (Martijn)

4.5.   Registration system (Peter)

5.      Subcommittee progress reports (suggested topics in brackets)

5.1.   Sc-prog-form (invitations, schedule - including availability of it to
other board members and the website) Chair: Kalen

5.2.   Sc-prog-alt (leisure activities, budget, alternative programme 
intentions) Chair: Trish

5.3    Sc-fund (Trefoil grant application, funding strategy) Chair: Elaine. Report:
Unfortunately we couldn't get Virginmoneygiving up and running before the 
London Marathon. However the person who ran raised £1300 in 48 hours for the
charity designated instead. Whilst this is good news for that charity and 
not us, it does show the potential for this type of thing. The good news is 
though, the person was so impressed that they and another person will be 
running a Half Marathon and they will both be raising money for Autscape.

5.4.   Sc-research (childcare research progress, transport research 
progress, venue research progress) Chair: Debbie

5.5.   Sc-pub (website wording inc. venue, poster production and 
distribution and publicity generally, generic description) Chair: Martijn

5.6.   Working group reports (if any) (Echo - Kalen, Newsletter - Stephen, 
Purchasing - Stephen, Tech - Stephen)

6.      Key position progress reports (matters not covered earlier)

6.1.   Webmaster (updating website, registration system, questionnaires)

6.2.   Registrar (registrations so far and issues arising)

6.3.   Venue coordinator 2012 (planned venue visits, venue information for 
info pack, coordination with programme coordinator on use of rooms)

6.4.   Treasurer (actions taken under delegated authority, insurance, 
virginmoneygiving, bank account, HMRC, accounting advice)

6.5.    Company Secretary (actions taken under delegated authority, filing 
and distribution of accounts, PVSL, info@ guidance, policies and job 
descriptions, files, postholding)

6.6.    Chair (actions taken under delegated authority, general progress, 
board communication, any other matters)

7.      Any other business


There are not many contenders in the area and this one seems to meet all our
requirements. The price is also reasonable. They quote based on £7 per hour 
per child under 10 and £6 per hour per child over 10 plus petrol. The 
proposed budget covers 10 children and petrol but could come down 
significantly with less children. The nearest contender is the Care Fairies 
who have quoted £1500-2150 depending on whether 2 or 3 staff are required. 
(if we had 10 children it would be 3 staff and this therefore makes them 
more expensive). All quotes are based on 28 hours. If we added more hours 
Kidzone would still probably come out cheaper and it is unlikely that we 
would have 10 children.