Minutes of September 2011 meeting

Final September Minutes

Minutes of meeting of the Board of directors of The Autscape Organisation
Meeting date: Wednesday 14th September 2011
Meeting time: 12.30pm BST

Present:  Elaine, Kalen, Martijn, Peter, Stephen, Trish, Yo
Apologies and present for part of meeting: Debbie

Following a request by the company secretary, directors waived their 
right to formal notice of this meeting.

1.  Proposals

1.1. The board decided that the company should pay the venue bill 
as presented. (7 for, 0 against)

1.2. The board ,  instructed the web systems manager to automate 
future meeting notification announcements to ensure the company meets 
legal requirements and provide reminders as requested by directors, 
following the agreement of dates for directors' meetings for the 
coming year, (7 for, 0 against)

1.3. The board agreed that the appointment (whether made prior to 
this decision or in the future) of accountants, independent examiners 
and the company secretary shall run continuously, but be scheduled 
for review every two years. (7 for, 0 against). In response to a 
question, the company secretary clarified that this proposal does not 
prevent the board from reviewing such appointments at will.

1.4. The company secretary proposed that all postholders (other 
than venue coordinator and vice) elected by the board should continue 
to serve in that role until the end of their term as a director, or 
they resign from that post unless otherwise decided by the board. 
Venue coordinators (and vice)  would be appointed to serve for an 
appropriate period in order to coordinate with a particular venue. 
The directors discussed the need for regular review of posts versus 
the need to avoid disruption to the company's ability to function. 
Following this it was decided to  defer the issue to the November 
meeting. (nem con)

1.5. The board agreed  that  postholders elected by the board may 
appoint their own assistant/vice with the exception of the following 
roles (for which the vice postholder should be elected by the board): 
chair, treasurer, company secretary, venue coordinator. (7 for, 0 

1.6. The board decided to rename sc-venue to sc-research and that 
its remit should be to research future venues and other tasks 
requiring similar skills, including taking over searching for 
childcare providers from sc-youth. (6 for, 1 against)

1.7. The board decided to
split the role of programme coordinator and the related programme 
subcommittee into
(1) Formal programme (sc-prog-form)
(2) Alternative and leisure programmes (incorporating the existing 
youth sc)(sc-prog-alt)
  (3 for, 2 for alternative options)

Debbie entered the meeting
1.8. The board unanimously decided to create a temporary working 
group to investigate and report back to the board on the feasibility 
of Autscape running a one day conference (to be called wg-echo). The 
membership of the working group to consist of Damian Milton, any 
directors who are interested, the Company Secretary, Treasurer and 
Chair. The board agreed to allow the wg  to co-opt additional members 
necessary to carrying out their task and encourages the wg  to seek a 
range of opinions in developing this proposal. The board asked the wg 
to report back by the November meeting and noted that the remit of 
the wg is only to research and make a feasibility report, *not* to 
run the conference (if any).

1.9. The board unanimously decided to downgrade the tech 
sub-committee to a working group.

1.10. The board discussed the appropriateness or otherwise of 
grouping responsibility for how information is presented with 
technical implementation. The board decided to breakdown 
responsibility for the website into: (a) Technical (including the 
implementation of areas under (b) and (c); (b) Appearance, 
Navigation, Coordination of the creation and updating of substantial 
content other than that under (c); and (c) Substantial content of 
organisation sections, administrative updating and correction, legal 
compliance and prompting review. (7 for, 0 against)

1.11. The board unanimously agreed  that:
1.11.1. (a) will be the responsibility of the webmaster.
1.11.2. (b) will be the responsibility of sc-pub
1.11.3. (c) will be the responsibility of the company secretary

1.12. Proposal withdrawn

1.13. The board decided to  rename 'merchandise wg' 'purchasing 
wg' and widen its remit to include all routine purchasing (e.g. 
lanyards, pens etc.).(6 for, 1 against)

2. Roles and responsibilities
2.1. Chair. Candidates: Kalen. Kalen was elected.  (7 for, 0 against)

2.2. Treasurer. Candidates: Peter. Peter was elected. (unanimous)

2.3. Venue coordinator (Belsey Bridge). Candidates: None. Deferred 
to the list.

2.4. Programme coordinators. Candidates: Trish and Kalen.  Kalen 
was elected as Formal Programme Coordinator and chair of sc-prog-form 
and Trish was elected as Alternative and Leisure Programme 
Coordinator and chair of  sc-prog-alt (in-line with the programme 
coordinator role split in item 1.7.) (7 for, 0 against).

2.5. Registrar. Deferred to the list.

2.6. Web systems. Candidates: Peter and Martijn Peter was elected 
(5 for, 1 for Martijn)

2.7. Subcommittee chairs
Publicity and publications subcommittee. Candidates: Martijn. Martijn 
was elected (7 for, 0 against)
Research subcommittee. Candidates: Debbie. Debbie was elected (7 for, 
0 against)
Fundraising subcommittee. Candidates: Elaine. Elaine was elected   (7 
for, 0 against)
Working groups.
[Debbie left the meeting]
Echo coordinator.  Candidates: Kalen. Kalen was elected (7for, 0 against)
Newsletter wg coordinator. Candidates: Stephen. Stephen was elected. 
(6 for, 0 against) The board clarified that the coordinator may 
delegate the role of editor for specific newsletters.
Purchasing wg coordinator was deferred to the list
Transport wg coordinator was deferred to the list
Tech wg coordinator was deferred to the list
It was noted that CRB wg will continue to be coordinated by the 
company secretary.

3. Key position progress reports
3.1. The venue coordinator for Autscape 2011 had nothing to report.

3.2. The treasurer for Autscape 2010/2011 asked if people could submit any 
remaining expenses claims.

3.3. The company secretary reported that2010/2011was a good year. She 
noted that the company's legal compliance improved considerably 
and director development has gone well with a consistent board and 
some training achieved. She reported that she is still struggling to 
catch up with a lot but is hopeful of being able to make progress in 
this quieter time of year.

3.4. The 2010/2011 chair indicated that she would make a report on the 
list if she thought of anything.

4.     There was no other business

Meeting closed at 14.42 BST