2022 Schedule

Everything at Autscape is completely optional. You are not obliged to attend anything, communicate with anyone (unless you are a parent or carer), or participate in any way. If you are interested in doing things, there is plenty going on throughout the day, serious, fun, structured and unstructured.

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The timetable for the Main Programme is now available.

If you would like to see it as a grid instead of a list, click the '4 day' view at the top right, or use this link instead.

To make the difference between participant-led activities and Autscape-run events, we're now calling things like Sparklies in the Dark, the Disco and discussions the 'Supplemental Programme'. These supplement the main programme, but for many participants, they are the best bit!

The particpant-led or 'informal' activities are on their way, but changes are still likely, so we're holding off on publishing them for a bit. When they are ready, the calendar will appear at the same links as above.

Main presentations overview

Below is a general overview of main presentations without times. For precise details and up-to-date information, see the timetable above.

Monday 8 August


Tuesday 9 August



Wednesday 10 August



Thursday 11 August