2021 Schedule

Everything at Autscape is completely optional. You are not obliged to attend anything, communicate with anyone (unless you are a parent or carer), or participate in any way. If you are interested in doing things, there is plenty going on throughout the day, serious, fun, structured and unstructured.

Autscape 2021 Programme of Events

All times are in BST (British Summer Time) which is one hour ahead of GMT/UTC. Main programme presentations are shown in boldface type. The conference is entirely online this year; registered participants will receive instructions on how to join by e-mail. (Last updated: 26 Jul 2021)

Friday 23rd July

17:30-18:00Orientation (slides)
18:00-18:30Discord Orientation
18:30-18:45Q&A on Autscape
19:00-19:45Happy to Disclose? - Ruth Moyse and Madge Woollard
20:00-20:45The Neurodiversity Paradigm throughout the years - Martijn Dekker
21:00-Sparklies in the Dark

Saturday 24th July

11:00-11:45Intensifying Connections - Sonny Hallett
12:30-12:30Discord Orientation
14:00-14:45Woodland Workshop – Richard Griffin
15:00-15:45Documenting how Autistic People Grow, Develop and Learn – Kalen (last-minute replacement)
16:00-16:45Adventor: Community and Service under One Roof – Mike Roškaňuk
19:00-19:45Where do we Draw the Line – Spencer Hunley

Sunday 25th July

10:00-10:45How Sensory Trauma affects how we grow, develop and learn - Emma and Rorie
11:00-11:45Naturally Connected Neurodiversity – Katrine Callander
AfternoonTime off for organisers – Discord on with participant-led activities too on Zoom
19:00-19:45Quiz with Emily – Emily Bilham
20:00-20:45What I (Don’t) Know about Autism – Jody O’Neill and Eleanor Walsh
21:00-21:45Dinah Murray memorial

Monday 26th July

10:00-10:45Collective Blogging – Joana Hermann, Marja-Kristina Akinsha, Cir Doyle
11:00-11:45The Female Burden – Mayne Benedetto
14:00-14:45Peer Mentoring into Employment – Marie Van Herteryck
15:00-15:45Lightning Talks
16:00-16:30Piano Recital
19:00-19:45Struggling for Community – Laura Sommer
20:00-20:45Quiz – Elaine Binhammer

Tuesday 27th July

10:00-10:45Self-Development via engaging with the Autistic Community – Aiden Tsen
11:00-11:45Autistic Learning and Development – Stiofan Mac Amhalghaigh
14:00-14:45Supporting (?) Autistic Adults’ Intimate Lives – Monique Huysamen
15:00-15:45Self-Advocacy and Emerging Art Forms – Saffron Baldoza and Vera Pudilova
16:00-16:45Ask an NT (Panel Q&A)
19:00-(To be announced)
20:00-21:30Entertainment Evening