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Autscape 2014: Autism through the lifespan

(last updated Feb. 18th, 2014)

Autism is a lifelong condition; however, our experiences and needs can change greatly in this time and can be affected by our environment, support and personal development. For this year's theme, we want to explore the experience of 'Autism through the Lifespan', from infancy to old age. This could cover topics from parenting to education through to supported or independent living, employment, benefits, family and friendships. Also, coping and learning to live as an adult, transitioning and the effects of ageing and how the past can continue to affect us.

We encourage a wide range of presentations which explore these issues or offer advice, although this year we would particularly like to hear from people who can offer less academic workshops and give practical advice.

The theme is meant to inspire presenters as well as to provide some coherence to the programme, not to be overly restrictive, so feel free to be creative in its application. Presentations which seek to develop this theme will be given priority; however, any suitable topics will be considered.