Registration & fees

This page about Autscape 2012 is of historical interest only. Go to the home page for current information.


Booking for Autscape 2012 has closed.
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These are the non-residential fees, which includes lunch and evening meal and the programme, but not any accommodation; you must make your own arrangements for accommodation somewhere else. If this is not what you want, go to the residential fees.

Adult fees apply to anyone aged 18 and up.

One day Two days Three days
Adult £55 £110 £160
Child 14-17 £50 £100 £145
Child 6-13 £30 £60 £85
Child 0-5 £20 £40 £55
Carer/PA* £45 £90 £135
Professional £70 £140 £205


Low income discount:
We can apply a £5 discount to your registration fee if you're on low income. (Not available to carers and professionals.) Many of those who attend Autscape are on benefits and some people who are working for low pay have less money than some who are on benefits, so we don't have a clear cut way of deciding what is low income and we don't require proof. We encourage you to pay the full rate if you can afford it. If you have very little money and the £5 discount would make a substantial difference to your life, then you may pay the low income rate.
This means arranging your own accommodation somewhere else and attending Autscape only for the days/evenings.
Membership of Autscape, which gives you voting rights at the AGM, costs £5.00 and provides a £5.00 discount on bookings.
* Carers and PAs attend Autscape only to facilitate the attendance of someone else who otherwise would be unable to come. Carers are not eligible for a low income discount because their fee is already as low as possible..
There is no charge for babes in arms (i.e. who don't use childcare).