Autscape arranged travel

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Autscape will be arranging travel to and from Wakefield Westgate train station this year.

Monday 22 August - Travel from Wakefield Westgate station

Journeys will be arranged between the times of 14:30 and 16:30.

Our questionnaire asks you to fill in which times are most suitable for you. We need this information so we can keep the costs as low as possible.

We prefer if you tell us in advance if you will be using this transport. We will only be able to accommodate a small number of people who do not let us know.

The cost of this service is £5.00 per person. People who use the service to the venue on the Monday and back again on the Thursday pay a total of £5.00. People who choose to use the transport for only one of the two trips pay also pay a total of £5.00.

Please fill in our questionaire to tell us which times suit you best.

The information pack you'll receive will include details of how to recognise the Autscape transport co-ordinators at the train station.

What happens if I miss the transport

There are a number of options

Option One: If you are booked for the service and know you will be late, please contact an organiser, we may be able to arrange something. You will be given contact numbers in your information pack.

Option Two: Wakefield Westgate has a taxi rank, you could taxi to the venue yourself. Warning:The daytime fare is in the region of thirteen to fifteen pounds. Evening and night time fares may be more expensive.

Option Three: go to the bus-station and take the bus.

It takes eleven minutes to walk to Wakefield bus station from the train station. There is a number of buses you can take, 114, 117, 102, 127, 253. The journey takes about three minutes.

Then take the 485 service (link to timetable) from the bus station to the Beverly Arms, which is located about 0.7 miles from the venue. Contact an organiser who can meet you from there or walk, the road is straight but hilly.

Option Four: Take the train to a local train station and then take a local bus which will stop outside the venue's entrance. This will add an hour or more depending on waiting times to your journey. More information on making your own way to the venue.

The important thing to remember is if you are stuck, contact us.

Autscape arranged travel from Ackworth school to Wakefield Westgate on Thursday 25 August

Transport will leave Ackworth school after lunch for the station. Please be ready. You can get priority in the lunch queue. Current estimates are to arrive at the station by 2:30pm.

About Wakefield-Westgate (WKF) train station

Wakefield Westgate is about 9 miles (8.9 miles) from Ackworth School.

If you have time between the Autscape transport and your train on the Monday or Thursday, a new art gallery, The Hepworth Wakefield recently opened in Wakefield by a weir and would be worth a visit. This is one mile from Wakefield Westgate station. Entry is free. The gallery is open on Mondays during the school holidays and Thursdays throughout the year. There is a free shuttle bus from the station, which runs until 3pm each day and takes in other points of interest around the town.

Getting to Wakefield-Westgate

Airports to Wakefield Westgate

If you will need any extra travel advise please email