SpaceKraft Visit - FAQ

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Question: How much do SpaceKraft charge?

Answer: There is no charge. SpaceKraft are a firm whose primary purpose is selling sensory equipment. As a favour to us they are lending us some equipment this year and allowing people to experience their sensory showrooms.

Question: Can I visit SpaceKraft myself outside of Autscape?

Answer: Usually if one is booking a private visit with a company like SpaceKraft, it would be with the serious prospect of a sale. At Autscape we will have some SpaceKraft catalogues which include their contact details.

Question: Can I buy sensory equipment at SpaceKraft?

Answer: There will be a sales rep available when we visit. We will also have SpaceKraft catalogues for you to look at and take away at Autscape. SpaceKraft accept orders by phone, post, fax, email and via their website.

Question: Why can't we visit SpaceKraft after the presentations?

Answer: SpaceKraft's opening hours are 9:00am to 5:00pm. Autscape traditionally has presentations in the morning, leisure after lunch and presentations in the evening. There is no time to visit SpaceKraft after the day's presentations.

Question: Why does the visit overlap with other activities?

Answer: A visit to SpaceKraft takes about two and a half hours. People not visiting need to have activities too. Hence we are working on having an afternoon of leisure activities including an art session and maybe some discussions running in parallel with visits to the sensory room.

I don't want to commit until I know what I may miss.

Answer: You can do this, provided when you do commit there are still spaces and there are enough people travelling to make the transport cost viable.

We hope to get the schedule out very soon, and when we know which leisure activities people are volunteering to give we can schedule them too. However some activities are arranged at Autscape, so we will not be able to give you prior notice of these.

If you are worried about missing presentations, commit but comment that this is the case. Having enough people wanting to attend means that is is viable for us to arrange the timetable around the visit and book the visit with SpaceKraft.

Can I sign up for the trip at Autscape?

Answer: Yes provided there is space available. If there is enough demand for an additional trip at Autscape we will try to organise it. However this depends on us being able to hire transport and SpaceKraft being able to accommodate us at short notice.

Question: Why is the travel so expensive?

Answer: The travel is expensive firstly because only a few people can visit at one time and secondly because it is 50 minutes travel there and 50 minutes back, plus the driver has to wait while people visit.

Question: Can I drive there instead of using the minibus?

Yes. We will give you directions at Autscape. In the meantime please fill in the questionnaire so we know you are interested in visiting as we need to have rough interest figures.

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