Minutes of September 2008 meeting

Autscape Management Committee Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: Friday 12/09/08   Meeting time: 16:00-17:48

Present: Larry, Ruth, Yo, Debbie, Peter, Martijn.  Attended part of
meeting: Trish.

Apologies: Selina, Robin, Trish (part of meeting).

Absent: Andre.

1.0     Minutes of July Meeting

The committee approved the minutes of the July meeting.

2.0      Committee positions.  The committee confirmed the named
individuals in the following posts.

2.1      Chair - Larry

2.2      Vice Chair - Ruth

2.3      Secretary - Debbie

2.4      Vice-Secretary - Yo

2.5      Venue - Peter

3.0      Ratify decisions taken on list:

3.1      The committee confirmed its decision to book The Emmaus
Centre for Autscape 2009.

     ACTION: Peter to contact Emmaus Centre asking about dates
for 2009.

4.0     Proposal voting

4.1     The committee agreed to approve a small amount of
funding (amount to be determined but not to exceed one hundred
pounds) to enable Robin to seek initial accountancy advice.

4.2      The committee agreed to create the following subcommittees

4.2.1    Venue

4.2.2.   Constitution

4.2.3.   Fundraising

4.2.4.   Programme

4.2.5.   Tech

4.2.6.   Children

4.2.7.   Publicity

4.3.    The committee voted to appoint the following chairs for
each subcommittee.

4.3.1.      Venue - Peter

4.3.2.      Constitution - Yo

4.3.3.      Fundraising - Yo

4.3.4.      Programme - Martijn

4.3.5.      Tech - Debbie

4.3.6.      Children: Two candidates Ruth and Martijn.  Postponed
to committee list for discussion.

4.3.7.      Publicity - Larry

5.0     Delegations

5.1.   The committee delegated the writing a post-grant report
for Three Guineas to the fundraising subcommittee.

5.2.   The committee delegated the writing a job description for
'general committee member' to Ruth, with Yo to edit/supervise.

5.3.   The committee delegated the devising of a complaints
procedure to Larry (for approval by the committee).

6.0     Further Proposals

6.1     To create a separate budget for organisational development.
        After some discussion the committee voted to accept the
principle that we should keep a seperate budget for development
costs as soon as is practicable but taking into account the
present treasurers difficulties in administering that at this time.

6.2     Appointing a company secretary designate
    The committee voted Yo as company secretary designate.  The
    committee deferred the decision of vice-company secretary
    designate to the list.

6.3     The committee defered to the list a decision on the
exact name for the new Autscape company.

7.0     Any Other Business

7.1     Ruth raised the issue of a venue for 2010.   Yo suggested this was
a matter for the venue subcommittee; Larry said this should be discussed
at the next committee meeting.

Meeting Closes at 17:48