Agenda for March 2009 meeting

Agenda for Sunday 22 March for meeting starting at 15:30.

1.0 Ratifications

2.0 Proposals

3.0 Approvals/Decisions

3.1  Should we put an email address in the letterhead template

If we do - which one?
info@autscape is our catchall address; chair@autscape goes to the chair.

3.2 Will we provide some picture signs this year in addition to written ones at
the event this year.

If we decide to do this who will take responsibility for deciding which
signs to make and ensuring this happens.

3.3 Approval for February's minutes.

4.0 Progress Reports

4.1 Registration Progress Report

- 4.1.1 Peter: Registration system including survey system progress

-  4.1.2 Robin: Are we using paypal again this year?

- 4.1.3 Yo or Robin: How much have we raised that can be put towards
subsidising this years fees.

- 4.1.4 Larry: Any progress on looking into the fees?
       How much extra will we change for single rooms?

- 4.1.5 Debbie: Progress on Room Preference Questionnaire (this will
need to change from last year's to take account of the different
location and the location of the rooms with wireless internet). This will be
both for people sharing and those asking for a single room.

- 4.1.6 Special Diets.

Do we want a ask people to fill in a special diet survey,
or just give them space to fill in their special diet details.

If the former, who drafts it.

- 4.1.7 Can anyone think of any other registration task?

4.2 Subcommittee Reports:

Please could each subcommittee chair include their report (if not
emailed beforehand) and tell of any important tasks coming up as this
helps the secretary to keep track of what needs doing.

4.2.1 Publicity [chair:Larry]
Report to include:
- Will we be putting an advert in Communication?

4.2.2 Childcare: [Chair:Trish]

4.2.3 Venue: [chair:Peter]
Report to include:
- Any 2009 issues
- 2010 venue search

4.2.4 IT [chair:Debbie]
Report to include:
- Data Protection Policy (delegated to Peter)
- list spam filters (Debbie)
- email address spam filters (Peter)

4.2.5 Programme [chair:Martijn]
Report to include:
- How many proposals have been received so far

- Luminarium (delegated to Trish)
 What is the current state of play?
How does the committee's chair feel about this? - Larry

4.2.6 Fundraising [chair:Yo]

4.2.7 Constitution [chair:Yo]

4.3 Other reports:

4.3.1 Devising of complaints procedure - Larry

4.3.2 Chair report - Larry

4.3.3 Treasurer - Robin
Including - has the refund from Eukhost being received?

4.3.4 Secretary Report - Debbie

5.0 AOB