Minutes of December 2007 meeting


Autscape Management Committee Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: Saturday 15/12/07 Meeting time: 1pm-2.30pm

Present: Martijn, Genyin, Kalen, Larry, Michael, Robin, and Yo.

1.0 Minutes of November Meeting

Approval by vote on email list ratified. The Committee approved the minutes of November’s meeting unanimously.

2.0 Progress Reports

2.1. Constitution Subcommittee – report by subcommittee Chair: Larry

2.1.1. Informal email list established. 

2.1.2. Request made to Martijn for formal list.

2.1.3. Copy of current constitution shown to Norman Green (NAS) and comments received. Comments appear potentially contentious particularly regarding Autscape’s objectives. However waiting for Yo to get comments back from NCVO before discussing in depth.

2.2. Fundraising Subcommittee - report by subcommittee Chair: Robin

2.2.1. Preliminary budget done. 

2.2.2. Request made to Martijn for email list. 

2.2.3. The subcommittee has had some discussions. Michael going to seek letters of recommendation also tentative plans to seek local funding for individuals. 

2.2.4. Requested letterhead from publicity subcommittee. 

2.2.5. Brief discussion of need to use personal contacts of some committee members. 

2.2.6. Larry invited to join fundraising subcommittee.

2.3. Programme & PR sub-committee – report by subcommittee Chair: Michael

2.3.1. Request made to Martijn for email list

2.3.2. No decision-making procedure as yet

2.3.3. Themes discussion on chat list has got down to few good suggestions

2.3.4. Michael to conclude theme decision within a week

2.3.5. Representing Autscape to publications best done by Management Committee Member. Simple requests for information may be delegated to others.

2.3.6. Need resource person on press releases and PR. Kalen, Yo and Larry all have expertise but lack time. 

2.3.7. Need to update call for proposals

2.4. Treasurer’s Report

2.4.1. Have drafted budget. 

2.4.2. Investigating options for financial record keeping.

2.4.3. Target approximately £5,000 for fundraising. Limited reserves this year so fundraising very important.

2.4.4. Progress made with reorganizing signatories. Still trying to sort out online banking access.

2.4.5. Venue deposit set aside last year. Robin to verify this. Genyin to check amount venue will accept if necessary to negotiate.

2.4.6. Discussion arising regarding potential liability of individual committee members for Autscape’s contractual obligations. Discussion deferred to committee email list.

2.5. Secretary’s Report

2.5.1. Little progress recently

2.5.2. Most committee members have verified their agreement to the participant confidentiality policy

2.5.3. Requested document storage space on Autscape website

2.6. Venue Co-ordinator’s Report

2.6.1. Venue report has now had headings added and been approved

2.6.2. Been in contact with venue re costs and discounts

2.6.3. Access issues need looking into soon

2.6.4. Genyin storing copies of venue correspondence as private email. Will forward emails containing important information or agreements to Yo to retain copies.

2.6.5. Kalen will make schedule for Genyin to guide her work.

2.7. Webmaster’s Report

2.7.1. Been keeping site updated, behind on a few things.

2.7.2. Chat list moved to Autscape server.

2.7.3. Subcommittee chairs agreed to moderate their respective subcommittee email lists. Expect to therefore be able to create lists for them very soon.

2.8. Chair’s Report

2.8.1. Making slow progress. Need to get a move on with time-sensitive issues like fundraising and programme

2.8.2. Have created sketchy timetable (posted on email list)

2.8.3. Outstanding tasks: feedback forms, timetable, programme-related things, prompting, discussions I need to initiate, etc.

2.8.4. Discussion regarding feedback for committee members on whether ideas are workable and why/why not.

2.8.5. Discussion regarding the size of the committee (deferred to list)

2.8.6. Future discussions (for email list): touching/not touching, role of carers at Autscape.

3.0 Specific Tasks

3.1. Data protection – not yet done.

3.2. Legal advice on risk question – Question agreed. Answer from Larry’s source provided to list. Answer from Yo’s source – not yet. Further discussion planned on list once all answers available.

3.3. Obtaining insurance – not yet done.

4.0 Documents for approval

4.1. Revision of Treasurer’s job description – not ready yet

4.2. The committee approved the draft budget. (5 votes in favour, 2 abstentions)