Minutes of April 2008 meeting


Autscape Management Committee Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: Wednesday 23/04/08 Meeting time: 5pm-7pm

Present: Martijn, Genyin, Kalen, Larry, Robin and Yo. Attended part of meeting: Michael.

1.0 Minutes of March Meeting

The committee approved the minutes of the March meeting. 

2.0 Deferred to later in the meeting (due to Michael’s late arrival)

3.0 Proposal voting

3.1/3.2. The committee accepted the following proposals for presentations at Autscape 2008: 

Inertia and Action in Music - Katja Gottschewski

What makes us tick and what makes us stick? – Kalen

Action to manage your own support – Yo

Autism Rights Activism and Disability Rights Activism – Steve Graby

Collaborating for action: Autreach and the AutreachIT project – Roger Turner & Dinah Murray

Creating Sensorially Accessible Space – Sarah Clemerson

London Autistic Rights Movement UK (LARM UK) – Alexis/trekster (in combination with other activism presentations)

Finding your balance - integrating action and inertia with NLP – Selina Postgate (subject to a warning about NLP)

A full list of proposals, including rejected proposals, is available in the committee files area (restricted access).

3.3. The committee was tied on the following proposals for presentations at Autscape 2008 and deferred them for final decision by casting vote after further discussion on the email list:

Act now: make a website, start a group; write, share, publish. - Roger Turner

Overcoming Procrastination - Terri Neate 

4.0 Approvals/decisions

4.1. The committee agreed to open registration on 30th April.

4.2. The committee approved the residential fee rates subject to any raises necessary to cover costs in the highly unlikely eventuality Autscape fails to break even. Deferred decision on day rates for modification to take account of costs.

4.3. The committee approved a membership fee rate of £5. The membership fee to be included in standard registration but to be optional for professionals/carers.

4.4. Printing costs up to £100 (to reimburse people at a rate of 5p per page to print the brochures, programmes etc.) approved subject to printing being pre-approved by the Chair.

4.5. The committee voted not to seek funding from ‘Autism Speaks’.

4.6. The committee agreed to appoint Debbie F. as Registrar.

4.7. The committee agreed to co-opt Debbie F. to the Autscape Management Committee.

4.8. The committee appointed Larry Arnold as Vice-Chair.

2.0 Personal Statement – Michael Ellerman

Michael stated briefly that he had decided to resign. He explained that he had a number of reasons including feeling unable to navigate the environment of the committee with his current level of support. Other committee members thanked Michael for his involvement and the efforts he had made to handle his resignation in a dignified and considerate manner. Michael wished Autscape all the best and best wishes were extended to Michael and his family by the committee.

5.0 Delegations

5.1. The committee agreed that the brochure should be approved by the whole committee on the email list if possible, but delegated the approval to the Chair only if necessary to ensure brochure available in time for registration.

5.2. The committee delegated the training of venue and childcare staff to the venue subcommittee.

5.3. The committee delegated the making of the Information Pack, (the printed) Programme, Feedback forms & Maps to a working group (consisting of some volunteers from the chat list)to be linked to the PR subcommittee. Information pack for participants to be drafted by May meeting, finished by June. Final approval of all documents remains with the committee.

6.0 Progress Reports

6.1. Kalen summarised the current tasks of each sub-committee. These were:

6.1.1. Constitution: waiting for written advice from solicitor about structure

6.1.2. Programme/PR: making all that printable stuff, making schedule of presentations, organising presenters' requirements, documents to be approved by committee before publication & press release.

6.1.3. Fundraising: Work on funding for next year, follow up 3 guineas

6.1.4. Venue: menus, staff training prep, more little questions as they arise, check on accessiblity, visit.

6.1.5. Tech: finish database project, visit venue re. wireless (ask about a/v facilities), then work on a/v needs.

6.2. Logo competition. Yo noted that she had made an announcement on the chat list with a deadline of 30th May.

6.3. Database/registration. Martijn summarised that Debbie & Peter have arranged independent hosting for the registration system to overcome some difficulties. It is now working fine. Plus we have email form as emergency backup.

6.4. Press Release. Genyin will follow up with her friend who offered to draft this. It will get done as soon as possible. Yo offered to help if need be.

6.5. Organisation structure. Yo reported that she has had really detailed advice from
pro-bono solicitor but is waiting for a written version of her advice to pass on to the committee. Expected in next couple of weeks. Larry raised concerns about the necessity of financial stability and the responsibilities of company directors.

6.6. Treasurer job description. Larry was asked to redraft this by the next meeting.

6.7. Brief summary by Chair. Events move very fast at this time of year and many decisions may need making on the email list (for speed) though this will be avoided whenever possible. Need to consider election procedures and possible Chairpersons for next year.

7.0 Any Other Business

7.1. Larry raised the issue of the difficulty of the limited access provided by the venue and the necessity of having a policy and sensitive literature in the event of any person requiring access which in the event we are unable to provide. The potential implications for relations between Autscape and the venue and Autscape and the wider disability community were raised and further discussion was deferred to the email list.