Outside area and the Luminarium

This page about Autscape 2008 is of historical interest only. Go to the home page for current information.

The Luminarium

We had a Luminarium kindly provided by Architects of Air which was open at fixed times during the conference at no extra charge. A luminarium is like an inflatable tent with different coloured rooms and passageways lit by natural light. The colours vary from room to room leading to an fantastic experience of light and colour inside. You can walk from room to room enjoying the different colour changes or just stay still and relax.

The Luminarium was on Pepe's field which was by The Pavilion, number 4 on the map. You needed to take off your shoes when entering the Luminarium. It was accessible to wheelchairs.


The village was a couple of minutes walk from the site. Both village and school had hilly areas to walk in. The school had grassy areas for games.