This page about Autscape 2008 is of historical interest only. Go to the home page for current information.

Leisure can be just as important for autistic people as formal academic presentations.

Leisure Sessions (non-verbal workshops)

We offered some formal/instructed leisure sessions, which could also be considered non-verbal workshops (although the are not completely non-verbal, they are not word-based in the way lectures and workshops are), for those who are interested.

Free Time

Autscape participants could sign up for different free time activities or use the time to socialise or have some time to themselves. Most free time activities are always available as long as there is space. (During workshops, all meeting rooms will be in use.) Attendance at workshops is purely optional.

Quiet Time

Most of the venue grounds were available for walking in as was the surrounding area. Giggleswick village was about ten minutes walk away and Settle (a small town) one to two miles away. There was enough space that if you needed some time alone, it was possible to get far enough away from everyone for a while. There was a quiet room, in which no interaction or unnecessary noise was allowed Of course you could also relax on your own in your room, in the grounds, or anywhere outside the venue.

Physical Activity

There was a playing field or garden behind one of the accommodation blocks which we can use for physical activity.

Computer and Video

There were some public computers for our use in the main lecture room. People with laptops could use a wireless service in the same room.


While it may be quite averse to some people, others enjoy socialising with other participants. For those who like socialising with a little more structure and a little less intensity, there were board games.


Each evening, there was an area you can gather to socialise in and enjoy some drinks. As we didn't have an onsite bar; people brought their own drinks.

In the evenings there were various planned and unplanned discussions going on. Some were structured and facilitated to help more reluctant communicators have their say on issues.