2006 Presenters

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  1. Martijn Dekker
  2. Jody John Ramey and Emilia Squyres
  3. Jim Sinclair

Presenters' Biographies

Martijn Dekker

Presenting: How to access support resources on the Internet

Martijn has a diagnosis of high functioning autism and has been active in the autistic community since 1996. His main activities are his e-mail based support group Independent Living on the Autistic Spectrum, the associated chat channel #asperger, and speaking at conferences. In 2001 and 2005, Martijn was a keynote speaker at the National Autism Symposium in Missouri, USA.

Jody John Ramey

Co-presenting with Emilia Squyres: Autistics Guide to Dating and Community Relations: Voices From Our Perspective

Is an administrator with the Disability Art and Culture Project, a 501c3 Non-Profit under Oregon Cultural Access which provides accessible dance programs to people with and without disabilities. (more info http://www.dacphome.org) Ramey enjoys traveling to autism conferences to spread the love of dance to Autistic adults and to expand their fluency with self-advocacy and Autistic culture. He earned his Masters degree in Theatre Arts from Portland State University with coursework emphasis in disability and the performing arts. He frequently perseverates on religious topics of all sorts, has a love of music (heavy metal and classical), and has been known to perseverate on the history and functionality of the tuba as it relates to the larger performance ensemble.

Emilia Squyres

Co-presenting with Jody John Ramey: Autistics Guide to Dating and Community Relations: Voices From Our Perspective

Is a board member for the Disability Advocacy Cultural Association, the students with disabilities Union at Portland State University, where she is also a senior majoring in Applied Linguistics.

Aside from her classes in theoretical linguistics, she has also taken French and Hebrew. Squyres also studied biblical living at Grace Bible College, and culinary arts at Montana State University's vocational school. Her favorite aspect of that program was specialty baking, and she worked for a while as a cake decorator. She volunteers with the Tigard Public Library twice a week, in new materials processing and in shelving books. Her hobbies include quilt design, knitting, and developing verb charts.

More information on Jodi and Emilia's book is available from Jessica Kingsley Publishers http://www.jkp.com/catalogue/book.php/isbn/9781843108818. Despite the lack of Autscape references in the description, the book makes several references to Jodi and Emilia's experiences of Autscape.

Jim Sinclair

Presenting: Autism and Counseling: A user's guide and Making your own communication tool kit

Jim Sinclair is a founder of Autism Network International, and coordinator of Autreat. Jim has been involved in autistic community since 1992, and has extensive experience and observation of autistic culture. Jim also works professionally with autistic people as a rehabilitation counselor.

Jim's personal webpage is at http://www.jimsinclair.org.