Proposal Submission Guidelines

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A form for proposal submission should be available shortly. If you would like to submit a proposal before then, please provide the following information and e-mail or post to the address below to be received by March 31, 2005.

Autscape Committee

[old address removed]

Contact Information

You are not required to provide all of the following. However, we do need a way of contacting you, so you must include at least one of e-mail, phone or postal address. E-mail is preferred. The information marked with * will appear in the programme. If you wish to change these, you will have an opportunity to do so within 2 weeks after your proposal is accepted.

Title (e.g. Mr/Mrs/Ms)*

About You

Biography* (You may complete this later, prior to the programme publication deadline.)
Connection (Experience with autism or disability issues)
Experience (A summary of your relevant experience, including any presentations or other education/advocacy activities elsewhere, and the nature of your interest in autism and/or in general disability issues.)

About Your Presentation

Type of Presentation (lecture, interactive workshop, video, poster, other (specify)) Please note that only lectures and workshops are eligible for presenters' discounts.
What would be the ideal length of time for your presentation? (This is for planning purposes and not a guarantee that you will get exactly the amount of time you specify.)
How does your presentation relate to this year's conference theme of "Creating Autistic Space"?
Brief Summary*

Your Target Audience or Participants

How many participants or audience members can you comfortably manage?

Primary Audience

How will this group benefit from your presentation?

Secondary Audience (if any)

As for primary audience

Your Equipment and Media Needs

What will you need for your presentation? We do have some equipment available, but our funds are very limited for acquiring new equipment or supplies, so please consider carefully. If you aren't sure what you'll need or how many, make your best guess. If you have any questions, please ask.


Examples: Overhead Projector, Computer Projector, Video Player, Laptop Computer, Marker Board, Chalk Board, Flip Chart, Other: (specify)
Essential equipment (list)
Desirable equipment (list)


Things that get used up such as acetate sheets, photocopied handouts, etc.
If you will be using handouts (black & white only, please), how many pages will be needed for each particpant?
Do you have any other need for consumable media?

To submit your proposal, please send the above information to: Autscape Committee

[old address removed]