Random details, musings about the booking system and how booking goes

13 March: This page is the unoffical musings of the registrar. At times it may be longwinded and it gets less checking than the official pages. If typos drive you mad this page is not for you. For the official documentation about booking please look at the booking index page. There will not be any important information only on this page.

24 March: A bug was found. Sometimes an email doesn't go out. We have identified how it happens: It is when I go a different route through the admin interface than the programmer intended. The programmer is fixing it. Fixing it means a rewrite of some parts of the internal of the system. I'm hoping the form will come back to me for testing tonight or at least tomorrow night. However as I am not the programmer I can't make any promises.

The postal form continues to be available for anyone who needs it. They won't be processed until the online forms are.

20 March: Sometimes its difficult to explain why the form is nearly ready and then suddenly there is a delay.

I have failed twice in this post to explain without a long essay. The summary would be that testing showed a change was needed. It turned out to be a difficult to code change. But we are past it now and just have a few small parts left to code.

The second reason is all the coding and testing is done in our free time. Sometimes people seem to think Autscape is a large organisation with paid staff. (It's a small organisation with volunteers).

This week the person coding and the person who designs the form and tests (me) managed to not overlap our Autscape work much.

Anyway provided the person who does the coding gets time tomorrow we hope to get the form to me for the next check. Then provided I get time to test and don't find anything major we should be ready to go. I hope to get time, I worked (not Autscape work) late tonight because I was in a hyper mood and it seemed a pity to waste it on mere travelling. The advantage of that is I can take an hour or so out to test the Autscape booking form tomorrow or Friday without feeling guilty about work hours.

I've now crashed down from the sudden hyper mood and am tired.

15 March: The paper booking form is being distributed differently this year. Two years ago so many came in together we were swamped and couldn't get the online system out. Last year we asked people to wait for the online system and that caused some stress and negative comments. So this year

14 March: This year the booking form will allow people choose more than one bedroom type. That's to avoid situations like this:

To avoid that extra communication overhead this year, the booking form asks people to list all the bedroom types they would be willing to be in. When we process the forms we look at a person's highest preference and give them that room if it is available and matches any other needs they gave on their form. If it's not available or doesn't match needs we look at their second preference. And so on down the list.

We know a small number of people don't care which bedroom type they are in. There is a comments box they can mention that in.

13 March: This is a new page like the state of booking page I maintained a few years ago except it may contain any musings to do with booking for Autscape 2019. It is intended that no important information will only be on this page. If any information is important, it will be elsewhere in the registration webpages. Please don't feel you have to read this page. It is not guaranteed to be always interesting.

Something to clarify. I don't read the community list and I don't usually see the Facebook group. I don't answer questions and comments second hand either. If you have a question email registrar@autscape.org.

Unfortunately I don't have a way for people to comment here. For contact email registrar@autscape.org If your query isn't urgent and is about something on this page include the word musings in the subject line. If you want a direct answer let me know in the email. It may be a few days before I repond as booking queries get priority.